Post A Selfie #11

I have not been in a relationship in the past 22 years. I probably never will. But life goes on.

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Thank you much.


Lol, what’s wrong with flirting? It seems funny that everybody’s going out of their way not to flirt, even when they’re flirting.

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We don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. That’s what we were trying to avoid. And I think it may be pushing the bounds of the rules, though I’m not sure.

Yeah, I agree. I’ve seen flirting land people in trouble here before because the recipient did not appreciate the remarks and it then goes in the sexual harassment category. Also, it can also tend to violate rules on this site not being a place to meet romantic partners, if you are flirting in a serious way and not just messing around.

Sometimes things are let go I think because they seem innocent enough or are meant in a joking manner but I know of some people who have been warned, flagged or even suspended for flirting. It’s all kind of judgement call on how serious the flirting is, whether the person on the receiving end is going to appreciate it and so on…

I personally always just say something like someone “looks nice” instead of saying anything that might considered flirting.


Good call.

Let me know if I ever go to close to the line.


I find an easy and low key “Damn girl/boy! What that mouth do?”

Never seems to offend anyone. It’s a friendly ice breaker.




I’ve always taken a girl flirting with me as a compliment, it’s flattering, even if I don’t have any interest in her, in which case I’ll let her down easy or just act disinterested (but it still makes me feel good). I’ve never been offended by it.

I rarely cold approach women though, like almost never, I’ve heard too many women, in real life complain about creepy guys saying and doing things to them. If a woman likes you she’ll let you know with a look or her body language or a comment, then you know it’s okay to talk to her in that way.

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THIS. A million times.

Btw, you’ve inspired me.

I just stopped taking that damned Caplyta. I know it works for someone else on this site, but for me – no. I was told it was not a weight gaining med, that people even lost weight. But no. Not me. I gained 15-20#. In only 4 1/2 months!! I finally traced back this weight gain to exactly when I started taking Caplyta. I just switched back to Geodon, and I know I can lose weight on it, because I’ve done it before.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I’d never heard of Bumble until you told me about it. I love the idea of that platform! When I get this weight back off me, and I’m feeling more confident in how I look, maybe I get some better depression treatment, I am going to open myself an account and give it a shot. Next year sometime.

I’ll probably ask you, as a guy, what you would want to hear from a woman, regarding my SZA.

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Cool, lol :sunglasses:

Yeah, it’s pretty cool, they have three modes. Dating mode, BFF mode (friend mode) and Bizz mode (where you can make business connections). I haven’t checked out Bizz mode yet but I’ve been meaning to look into it, i might be able to get some freelance computer work there.

Wouldn’t it be funny if we saw each others profiles, lol (Actually we wouldn’t because it is location based).

Personally I don’t care, and I don’t think men in general would care (although obviously some would). I don’t have any studies to back this up, just my observations, but a lot of the women on this forum that want one have husbands/boyfriends even though they have a sz/sza diagnosis, yet most of the men are single. @Aziz gave me a statistic that 80%-88% of schizophrenics are single and the majority are men. In my own personal experience women have rejected me after I told them. I think women are more turned off about sz/sza in a partner than men are, so you’re probably good to go!

When it came to my profile I tried telling them in a funny way so it’s not so scary, but I also mentioned my positive attributes too. If it was in a women’s profile it wouldn’t scare me away but I would want to talk to her and get sense of what is she is like, even if she still has symptoms is she a good person? I keep getting told I am unlike any other guy these women have met on Bumble and they haven’t deleted me so I guess that is a good thing. I told a woman (who is a healthcare worker) that I had auditory/visual/tactile hallucinations when I was first diagnosed and that I was taking Lurasidone, she is still talking to me.

I’m sure mentioning schizophrenia in my profile has scared off a ton of women, I don’t get a lot of swipes, maybe 1 every day or two, but the ones that gave me a chance have all said they admired my honesty and that is one of the reasons why the swiped right on my profile, and the bonus is it is out of the way from the get go so I don’t have to worry about having to tell them like I do in real life (that never goes well).


I read it on Wikipedia long time ago but can’t find it now, maybe I didn’t look well. But it says 85% are unemployed so if you have a job your chances of dating are higher. Don’t give up.

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"Every relationship has its ups and downs, but when one person is diagnosed with schizophrenia, it’s possible for even stable partnerships to become strained or for couples to break up altogether.

“Schizophrenia makes it hard for people to form close bonds,” says Dost Öngür, MD, clinical director of the Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Research Program at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts. Often, people with schizophrenia who are married met their partner before being diagnosed with the condition. Single people who have schizophrenia, however, “tend to stay single,” he says."

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Sorry about the no smile.

Can’t help it sometimes

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Haha :joy: maybe you’re right lol


HAHA, you really do. Peace be upon you! (A Muslim friend of mine once told be that is a common expression of greeting).

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@Bowens i don’t ever want to be perceived as flirting cos I see everyone here as friends. If I tell a dude he’s handsome it’s cos I think he’s handsome and that’s the end of it for me



One of the Charlie’s Angels. (You may have to google ít)