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God ,thank you for reggae music
God, thank you for time
God,thank you for syncrization
God,thank you for crazy people
They show me life
How it should be lived
God,thank. For the vivid
God,thank you for realization
And the chance for revolution
God , thank you for heaven
The place i will visit after ive been drenched in living
God,thank you for your presence
Always there,and all knowing
God,thank you for this stream of conscienceness
Thank you

Our bitter pride we have inside
Can make the world sad and lonely
Our reckless youth is not the one
And not the only
Part of life we live in strife
It seems it never ends
We want wife, we want a life
We want good and clever friends
But it is so hard learn
The life that we earn
Can never be satisfied
We have our money
We have our pride
We all have something
That aches inside.

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The room of four walls surrounds me
Never ending, never talking
Consuming my space
A comfortable prison
I long to see the trees
I long to see the mountains in the desert
I will leave here one day
by death or by choice
never to see these four walls again

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Ive been on a lot of writing sites,i can see in 2 poems what most people seem to be missing, i think its a good job