Post a pic of your tattoo

A few months back I created a thread that was who has tattoos so I kinda wanted to bring it back. So post a pic of your tat.


This shows two of them:


Here is another (left calf):

And another (right calf):



And, finally, my first one:


Actually, the first started as just the ribbon. I regret adding the text and dates, but not enough to have it lasered off.


This is what I have planned for my next one, going up the side of my left lower leg, but with some minor changes to a few of the letters:


Looks pretty sweet.

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Yeah, I want to get a skull in the middle of my upper back. I want a realistic-looking skull that has the appearance of ripping through my skin. Something kinda like this guy’s tat, but more of an orangish color rather than red:

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I have no tattoos,

Just wanted to be a part of the thread.


Once I went to get a tattoo and started crying,

So the dude told me if I really wanted the tattoo to come back the next day and he’d do it.

Never did…

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That would be (fuckin) awesome

Yeah, a tattoo has to be something you’re sure you want. That tattoo artist did the right thing, and so did you.


Yeah i fuckd up once so i had to get a cover up. Make sure you know what you want to get.

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Yeah, that Detroit Lions logo on my chest is a cover up. That pic was taken shortly after I got it, so if you look you can see part of the old tat, as that skin was very raised at that moment. It hardly shows at all now, black covers everything. There’s one little spot in one of the blue streaks where I can still see a little red bleeding through, but not much can be done about it. He already went over that spot with blue a second time during a touch up session, and it helped quite a bit.

I had some weird tribal tattoo and something written in Sanskrit.

I wanted a memorial tattoo for my dad on the right side of my chest, to go with the mom tattoo on the left side. I got a red ribbon done in a heart shape (my mistake), for heart disease (he died from a heart attack), with “DAD” underneath and his year of birth and year of death. The artist messed up and put the date of death higher up and farther from the ribbon than the date of birth was. It looked horrible. Somehow I didn’t notice the poor alignment when he drew it out, or when he placed the stencil. He noticed it, though, based on the way he so quickly bandaged me up, didn’t even give me a chance to view it, and collected his money. Shady ■■■■■■■■■■■■, never went back to that shop.

I had my tattoo done to what I later found out was a crackhead.

Have you ever seen that show, Tattoo Nightmares? I love that show, haven’t seen it in a while. They do amazing cover ups on there.

Yeah seen some weird ■■■■ on that show.

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I have 6 tattoos.
One is messed up and scarred.
The girl who tattooed me was high as a kite.

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