{Possible TW ?}A brief description of how to meditate in private and not in private

Meditation can be achieved in private and in public without much notice of what a person is doing. I figured I’d share my knowledge of how I accomplish this feat with all of you.
These are 2 basic guidelines I use as below :

In Private :
1.) Find a comfortable location or position.
a.) Like lying down in a bed relaxed as best as you can get your whole body.
b.) In a comfortable chair or recliner.
2.) Next breathing properly.
a.) practice slowly deep breathing.
b.) slow down the deep breathing.
3.) Try to block all sound and or noise you hear or think you hear.
4.) try to listen to the rhythm and sound of your breathing.
5.) try to focus on hearing your heart beat after accomplishing number 4.

Now for in public :
1.) Slowly remember all steps for private meditation, but do these next parts a little differently, as follows:
1a.) Find a nice, solid place to stand against or to sit down at.
1b.) begin to slowly deep breath exercise.
2.) try to block out the surrounding sounds and views.
2a.) Close your eyes if you can.
2b.) Turn off the sound from your ears and listen for your breathing lungs.
3.) Try to then listen for heart beat once you have accomplished number 2,2a,and 2b.

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