Possible trigger - natural highs?

So I’m not talking about drugs, as I’ve personally tested that out. Nothing works on antipsychotics.

What about natural highs or just simply, feeling good and doing things such as work or hobbies? Are they gone? Or is the longer your on meds the better those natural highs will be?

Open discussion. Thanks for discussing…?!

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On APs I had no natural highs.

Sex wasn’t that fun,

Jogging didn’t give that exercise high.

Even pretty hardcore drugs had little impact.

APs don’t allow fun.


Wow someone not advocating medicene which helps people

How are you? Are you feeling well these days?

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Are you still in hospital?

I didn’t even think about this one. I used to be hardcore into exercise, and… no more. You are so right.

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No haven’t been in hospital in over two years.

Once in a blue moon I’ll get a natural, random, almost manic high. Maybe once a year. Other than that the aps keep the dopamine in check and I don’t feel much reward for anything I do.

Pffffft. I had a blast kayaking this summer. Nature walks still tickle my pickle. Nailing a great shot with my camera always gives me a rush. On APs. Please don’t post crap just because you’ve decided not to be med compliant.

No it’s true, APs diminish most pleasurable activities for me.

Euphoria I’ll get from manic episodes still give me a rush though.

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I still feel good after exercising. Maybe not a full high, but still better than baseline.


Not possible with APs. Few years ago I started on two antidepressants. Those started making me euphoric. I never felt that way before. So I started lithium so that I don’t become manic. I was still feeling same way. After maybe few months I started olanzapine. It was like cold water on fire that experienced first time in my life. Back to dull anxious depressed self.

I get high from meditation quite often.

It is the closest I have come to a euphoric drug high, but I have been practising several times daily for years.

A lot of people have trouble meditating, as for some voices increase for example, but it works for me.

I think I will never get an natural high. You mean something like manic depression. I felt so good once in my life I got drunk on water and high on fresh air. But that was a feeling and feelings pass. Well, that feeling passed.

On fluoxetine I felt high after badminton, however after reusing fluvoxamine, after a while the highs went down.

You could go skydiving for a high. Its an intense experience that lasts for many months

I used to get an amazing natural high from practicing martial arts. Now I work out at the gym, it feels good, but I wouldn’t call it a high

It’s the same with playing guitar. Sometimes I just trudge through it, and sometimes it feels amazing. It comes and goes

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I couldn’t do much on APs.

When I was Seroquel,

My husband almost divorced me because I was so sedentary and zonked out all the time.

I gained almost 70lbs that year.

Maybe 80.

When I was on Abilify,

I was functional, but more like a robot.

Not a sentient human being.

Also it made my hair fall out and caused me to gain 40lbs.

Now this last go with Geodon almost sent me to the hospital suffering hallucinations.

I know you have a full life on APs, and that you work hard to keep stable.

I didn’t have a life worth living on APs.

Not on any of the ones I tried.

(and I only listed about a third of them)

I’m happy dealing with more symptoms and less medication.

And I’d also like to say that what I said is 100% my experience and it’s not crap.


I find fishing archery poetry and my other hobbies to be sorta a natural high but mania is more intense however you never go through a depression after catching a big walleye yet you do with mania

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I get high by playing video games, especially when I do good and get 100+ kills in a game of Call of Duty.