Possible scene for a new story

I have no idea were this story might go, or even if I plan on writing more, but this scene popped in my head today, and I though I’d write it down.


Zombies aren’t real, I keep telling myself that despite the weird looking creature coming towards me. At first it looked like just another person walking, until it got closer to me. The decaying flesh was a pale white, it’s slacked jaw started biting and it turned it’s head towards me, as it smelled my scent. He raised his arms reaching for me and I fell back, onto the steps. I crab-walked my way back up the stoop as the decaying creature staggered towards me. Pulling myself up with the banister at the end of of the small front porch I rushed to get my keys to go back into the four locks I had, two on either side of the door. Finally after the last lock unhooked and as the creature started climbing the stares I pushed open the door and ran back inside and slammed the door shut, once again locking the four locks I just struggled to opened.

A thump came from outside as I pulled my knees up to my chest and rested my head on top of them, wrapping my arms around my legs. Thump, thump…thump. There are no such things as Zombies, they aren’t real! I tried to tell myself as I lightly rocked back and forth. Closing my eyes, the world around me went dark as I leaned up against the door. I must have dozed off because the next I remember was laying on the floor next to the door and the sound of my cell phone ringing. It stopped ringing before I could answer it, but I knew it my doctor’s office calling me, I missed my appointment again.


You could take that a lot of places. Perhaps the most obvious is a tale of exaggerated sz, but what do i know. It is completely possible that someone sees zombies that aren’t there or mistakes people for zombies.

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I was thinking that as I wrote the scene, I don’t know though…I might work it into a real zombie story, I don’t know. for now it was just a simple scene.


Perhaps a world that still functions around zombies, not really an apocalypse as it would traditionally be. There are still doctors and schizophrenia lol.