Possible Reasons Some Studies Suggest That People From Poor Areas Do Better With Sz Than People From Affluent Areas

If a person from an affluent area ways people are conspiring against him he is looked down upon. If a person from a poor area does he has lots of company. Therefore he has less trouble making friends. Other similarities are that if you feel you are being watched you are not alone because the authorities usually keep a closer eye on your part of town, taking drugs is not as taboo because more people there are taking them, everybody’s poor so you don’t notice the differences as much between yourself and others. Also if you lose your job due to your mental illness it’s not as bad. Losing your job at McDonald’s is not as big of a deal as losing a chance at a major college degree or a high paying job. It’s true though that the health care overall is not as good and your life expectancy is certainly lower. But your mental health is not as comprised when you don’t have as much temptation and frustration from keeping up with the Jones’ or coming down from a better life.

I don’t agree because in poor area mental patients doesn’t ability to reach to doctor and they live in street, homeless some time without clothing.

I think people in developing countries have stronger social ties with their families and get more social support. This is probably a big factor in the recovery process. It might translate to poor areas of developed countries too.

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Because of it family become helpless.

I’ve noticed in North America that those with financial support generally have much better odds for recovery due to the resources available to them.

Well I agree that it helps to have more money for the better programs that are available, but I was just pointing out that the social stigma and the feeling of failure is not as acute.

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I don’t know if that applies these days. It seems like we’re in the era of the ‘victim’. You’re not cool unless you have some sort of illness or tragedy hanging over your head like a cloud.

Maybe so. But achievements, and a better standing in life are better than sympathy. Even though it may destroy my argument and make what I’ve been doing the last 2 years look bad I’d prefer to be a winner rather than a victim.