Positive Thoughts On Meds

Ok so I may come across Anti Med but im just feeling myself. I would like to know what others think tell me positive stories and how meds have helped you, dont hold back

All views welcome

Going on APs when I was nervous that I was going to slip into psychosis has saved me time, money and humiliation several times. Not to mention the pain and stress that it saved my family.

If I would of originally taken meds when my symptoms first started to occur, it’s likely that I would not have went psychotic while at work and deal with the very negative fallout that I’ve experienced from that for years.

I’m suicidal multiple times a day while not taking mood stabilizers and while I’m on mood stabilizers of the proper dose, the urge to commit suicide basically goes away completely.

Overall, I think meds improve peoples lives and are worth dealing with the negative side effects. But that’s for each individual to decide, since the side effects and effectiveness of medications can greatly vary from person to person.

LOL after reading what I typed I think I should probably start seeing a pdoc again and start back up the mood stabilizers :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats good it helps you, Risperdal and Remeron did help my edge but my sides are bizzare. I regret Abilify as it spoiled my progress with Risperdal, but hey we all make mistakes.

Yes see your pdoc for sure

I’m married, have a wonderful daughter, have full-time work, am an accomplished artist, and am an accepted member of my community. Couldn’t have accomplished this without getting stable on and gaining insight from meds. Not everything is wonderful as I have to fight the battle of the bulge and I need to take a little blue pill before I can get frisky with Mrs. Pixel, but that may be more due to age and being a bit overweight than my head meds. I’m pushing fifty, after all. That’s the reality of my situation.

Work with your doctor and he’ll help get you on the right path. It’s frustrating, but worth it!



When I was younger… I was anti-med… refused… nada… none of that for me…

And I never seemed to get better… life got harder and harder… I got it into my head that I would be better off homeless and cut off from all family…

I got worse from there… but in my mind… I was doing great. Even though I couldn’t really explain why I was in and out of hospital so much. There were doctors giving me the worst prognosis. That I would never make it. I’ll be in hospitals and care homes the rest of my life… getting worse and worse.

I hit a huge negative symptom patch… tried to leave this life… ended up in hospital again.

I KNOW it sucks waiting for a med to work… trying and trying and not feeling any better. I felt like a lab rat for a long time… it was frustrating.

But eventually and finally… the right combo was found… and I started getting out of the negative symptoms… It wasn’t over night… It took therapy to get coping skills and anxiety management skills back…

But it finally clicked into place… and by working with my doc… letting him know what’s been going on… things have been getting better.

I’m on a Latuda/Seroquel combo now… (have been for almost 4 years)

Yes… I have to take Metformin for the blood sugar due to the Seroquel and I have to take Depakote for the rapid cycling the latdua gave me…

I have a job I like… I’m in school… I’m in a relationship… I live in an apartment that I split with my kid sis while she’s in collage. I couldn’t have done any of this if I didn’t take meds.


In short, I think I’d be dead now if not for APs. I think I’d prefer being dead to not having APs.


I’m a better person on meds. I’ve said plenty about this subject on this site already, I’m not a pro-med-agenda-gumball-machine


Well with my bad experinces I want to hear what good things meds do for people. (:smile:

Alrighty than…

First of all, unmedicated I believe that I’m God all mighty, and that all life, including you, are a part of me. I believe because I don’t have my divine powers demons rule the earth and that is my mission to be a better person so that I can heal the earth. Further more, I see demons and they suck life out of people. Without them, people would live much longer and happier lives. I hallucinate them and things people say according to my delusion. I believe people are trying to kill me because of it and being mean for me to commit suicide.
I abused drugs so I could see the bigger picture in this delusion, I abused alcohol so I could numb down the experiences.

Second of all, medicated I know all this are delusions and hallucinations, that I’m a simple human being with a lot to contribute to society because I know I’m a good person and I intend to be, even if I’m not God, and especially if I’m not God. I am more aware of peoples problems and issues, and easily forgave my family for their mistakes and fears. I have a better relationship with my mom because I no longer believe she’s part of the demons conspiracy. I’m able to study and have friends and take better care of myself.

The negative symptoms of the illness have their effect on me, but I try to not let them control me.


I wouldve been nowhere without meds. My psychosis are heavy without aps. But the meds made me gaine weight and i have less emotions.

In retrospect: before medication I was unable to even decide whether or not I need medication. I simply lacked the reasoning skills and could not rationalize without paranoia. I have learned to separate the medication issue from my consciousness and role in society. I have taken Abilify for almost 10 years now, off and on with other medications tried in the process. Abilify works because while it blocks some of dopamine so that you don’t get an overload it also moderates your processes. It was the last medication out of Risperdal and others that the psychiatrist decided to try on me. And it worked. The first time I finally took it, I slept after nine weeks of insomnia on other medications. I had severe schizophrenia psychosis. I am pretty sure it’s inherited because my mom has delusions and hallucinations pretty much non-stop now and early intervention/prevention that my dad was so passionate about—actually saved my life and sanity. It was difficult. But being his daughter he was so passionate about me not falling into endless schizophrenia that I recovered. I have decided to keep taking Abilify and just refilled my prescription at the store. My dad now says that it’s my choice. But the medication has brought so much clarity when I needed it whether others failed. It helped me repair my psychosis and memories. I found that when I started taking it instead of cognitive deficits it actually improved my cognition. I can go months without taking Abilify but I choose to take it regularly because it also fights the depression and irritability. My dad basically saved my life, and never gave up on me. When his brother passed I heard a voice make me vow not to commit suicide. It was a warning of things to come. I have been off Abilify for about a month prior to last night/ two days before Christmas I just broke down crying about how things are so wrong in the world-and felt suicidal for the first time in ages. When I take Abilify I don’t feel suicidal it allows me to be myself.

I haven’t been on here much lately. Reason being I just saw a new pdoc, and she added something called Loxitane to my cocktail. It hits hard…it hits like Thorazine without the spaciness. It has helped me catch up on my sleep. My head is eerily quiet now. For that, I am thankful. For a very long time, I’ve battled insomnia. The insomnia is gone. When I see her next month, she said she is likely to add a blood pressure medication called Prazosin to help alleviate the nightmares. I’m looking forward to that. I had a dream this morning that was thoroughly disturbing. If there’s a med out there that stops that, hit me! I’m all in. She tacked on a diagnosis of PTSD too. First time I’ve been diagnosed with it, but then again, she asked me questions and dug into me in a psychotherapeutically way, and conjured up old, evil demons that lie within. I like her a lot; I’m glad to have her on the Rebuilding Team.


I’m glad things are looking up.

I am glad that you found a pdoc that you like @anon40540444.

Wishing you the very best!

I had what seemed to me to be “bad” experiences with Risperdal risperidone and Geodon ziprazidone during the '90s (along with several anti-depressants). Mood levelers per se didn’t seem to accomplish much. Over time, what worked was Seroquel quetiapine (now at a very low dose) plus…

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…mostly out of skill training groups and/or inexpensive workbooks. I am very aware now that the med by itself was very helpful, but that it did not “cure” my thought disorders or “kill” the “voices.”