Positive Schizophrenia Personalities, I Won The War

i m so keen to meet any one who has been through Schizophrenia and made it and won it…

Lets Discuss the good side of the delusions as since i made peace with it … i m having wonders…!!

When I tell them I’m doing alright they look at me kinda funny…surely you’re not happy now “you no longer play the games”

i understand what you are going through, actually you have a control over your brain and you kinda keep busy doing your think in your mind, others see you are not ok !!! its a diff to share with plp dont understand our minds

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i would suggest stay quiet and do your think if you have no problem if it does not makes you crazy,

Actually plp who have a control over there brain with the passage of time , these people are smart and intelligent to next level.

I don’t know if I can see the good side to my past delusions. Some of the side effects of my delusions ended up helping me in the long run…

However it happened… I am at peace with myself and I’m content with where my life is at…

I needed to take the path I did to get to where I am… so I guess some of it worked in my favor.

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I’m still waiting for that to happen. I’m quick to dismiss the residual delusions I have, but yet to reach a point where I get something positive out of them.

That came from hindsight… it took a long time to reach that conclusion.

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Ah well, glad you did.

I’m sure something similiar will happen with my experience of it.

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Dear All, indeed Schizophrenia people dont understand them self, this is because of the people and society we live around who are not at are helpful.

Actually we dont trust our self and we think some think is crazy going on and we are always keen to ask questions from other, some time we do some times we dont.

I Request you all to trust you self , do want your heart and mind tell you, you are not alone you have a you within whom if you use for your self will bring wonders

It takes time do understand but once you do it will start a change on your life.

Remember Only the Darkest Get To See The Brightest Shadows!!!

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Depends on perspectives. i maintain a medication - according to psychiatry i’ve made a remarkable recovery & have been free of psychosis for 11 years. Has been 16 years since last in hospital.

Wow… thats wonderful my friend :slight_smile:

May you be blessed always … you have gone through some hard times and you have on the war …
i am soO haPpy to hear from you , i hope and pray you get the best of life now and for future…

i had Schizophrenia since 4. never knew that i had that but got diagnosed recently by the time i had made peace with it … actually it like i have my other parts of my brain with whom i discuss my business and issues and actually i get great answers !!! it actually worked out great…

i had worse of times as well but y i had it coz i didnt knew what was going on but since i now know and make it work for my self …

so actually you dont need to learn your brain how it works rather leave that on your brain and let it work for you :slight_smile: