Positive potato of the day



Lol min min you make me laugh :smile:

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I’m trying to stay out of this meme, but that made me laugh.

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I want to be a dragon! :grinning:



I approve I approve. I dreamt of dragons last night

Dragons are the awesomest :heart_eyes:


I will give Beardii Fangornssen a dragon! He will have to name it, though, or anyone can steal it.

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Kilgharrah! :sunglasses:

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I’m glad he wants to be a potato.

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Well he became poop if he was eaten in time, so yeah. I don’t think I’m gonna listen to this guy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything turns to poop eventually

Some people, much sooner than others. :wink:

That sounds like a threat.

Threat? Nah I was just trying to jokingly say many people are pieces of ■■■■.

Lol. Oh alright, some are indeed.

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