Positive or Neutral Things You've Learned From Voices

Positive or Neutral Things You’ve Learned From Voices… post away

Some voices told me the voices were not real. It was a huge relief


it’s all smoke and mirrors my friend.

Nothing worthwhile thinking of either way.

I thought that magazines with their horoscopes were giving me positive messages…doesn’t mean that experience is any more real.

Take the meds…it helps.


Too much to list. God is the reason why I’m still alive today. He got me through really difficult times in life.

Anyways. I’m talking with one now that’s coaching me but I don’t know what it is. I’m going to fight tonight…I’ll try my best…

@rogueone from one perspective I’m looking at the voices as part of your subconscious, so it may be possible for them to remember things you don’t and also give knowledge that you “know” but are not aware of. Some of my voices try to keep me out of trouble and that’s a good thing.


Saw my subconscious leak out all over the place due to psychosis…it wasn’t pretty…it was just the ravings of a madman!

Stuff like Jung is great for the worried well. I’d argue it’s not good for the schizophenic!


I learned from voices that I’m right about people at least half the time.