Positive message of the day 24/05


P.S. You silly europeans with your backwards dates

You really had me confused…I was thinking for about 50 seconds what does “24/05” mean then I’m like DOHHHHHH the date, it’s just backwards.

gets me wondering what date is backwards

It was actually a mistake I usually put it backwards not to confuse you guys

well now i’m not confused at all…


I seriously think we’ll be on polar opposite sides of the globe this fall Minn

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That’s cool :slight_smile:

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good morning to you and positive thoughts. here in michigan it is beautiful weather time. the birds are singing outside loudly even though it is still pre-dawn.

i am feeling happy today. how about you? how are you feeling?


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Good morning Judy! It’s rainy here, but I’m in a good mood, thanks for asking :slight_smile:

Glad you’re happy!

thanks minii. it is always a pleasure to read your posts. you’re a really beautiful person. thanks, judy


No, thank you! You’re always so kind :slight_smile:

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