Positive message of the day 04/15


Normally I love your positive messages but I feel that wise people understand their limitations. For instance I flunked math in the 11th grade but kept pushing to become a meteorologist anyway. Those folks take a lot of math and if you can’t do it you can’t make it. Anyway I failed and didn’t notice that my real talent was in History until it was too late. I also found that being a Uncle who watched over his niece often was very difficult with antipsychotics making me sleepy. So I stayed just an Uncle. I hope you continue your positive messages because I look for them every morning but I sometimes take them with a grain of salt although I’ll agree that part of my problem has been self doubt.

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I have to argue that you’re good enough right now anyway :slight_smile:

But of course, take them with a grain of salt!

…and if you aren’t good enough, ‘fake it till ya make it!’… :sunny:


I overslept today, so I am just now seeing your positive message. Very good. I look forward to your positive messages.

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Thanks Minnii .

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