Positive message of the day 04/12


I’m tired of the struggle today. But I will do my best.

Me too. That’s why I posted this one.

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May we all find our toads or equivalent life goals.


Have you considered going for a walk? I am going to do that and I hope it will be rejuvenating.

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I’ll have my first actual driving lesson in a few hours, I’m nervous and thinking something will go terribly wrong.

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Good luck! I’m sure it will go fine. :relaxed:

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Even if it does, it won’t be the end of the world. My first driving test I drove the wrong way down a one-way street and almost gave my instructor a heart attack. These are like rites of passage in life.

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Very good. It’s hard to keep going when it’s a struggle just to get out the door. Sometimes all we can do is keep on keeping on.

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I feel stronger now that I have found a dietary and pharmaceutical way to deal with my voices and the side effects of my meds. I look forward to the small highlights of the day because they are much more enjoyable than they used to be as my mind and body improve. It is not impossible to deal with this disorder although you will have setbacks and many trials. No it’s not perfect. I put away my computer for most of yesterday because I recognized that I was paranoid and about to lash out against people of whom I didn’t really know were meddling in my life or not. The main component of this illness is fear and my voices have scared the crap out of me on many occasions. But I fear them less and less now. And yes I didn’t choose this or become this way as a result of my actions. I could argue I was born this way because I was messed up from the beginning of my life when I didn’t measure up to my twin and my Mom was searching for answers when I was just a 1 year old. That feeling of inferiority tormented me for years but now I have found my own strengths and a little inner peace as well.

I’ll have my first actual driving lesson in a few hours

Way to go Minnii ! I’ve got a license, but don’t have the concentration to drive. I’d just end up daydreaming on the motorway which wouldn’t be good :smile:

I am studying driving in mobile games. Good luck Minnii.

It actually went awesomelly well :smile: The instructor said I’ll be a good driver. Can’t wait for the next lesson! Today I just circled around a parking lot and parked. All well at the first try, no accidents :smile:

I’m happy.

Sucks you can’t drive anymore though, maybe it’s temporary.


You might pass your test first time that would be cool. I passed first time, but I had months and months of lessons. I was determined not to fail, so probably had more lessons than I actually needed.

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Yeah I’ll have at least three months of lessons. It’s 30 lessons if I’m not mistaken, and I will know if I’m going to need more before the exam.

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I lost the confidence to drive since becoming unwell. If I try driving again I’ll have to get some refresher lessons to see how I am.

You can try again, why not?

I could try again but I don’t really need a car at the moment but then again I’d get out the house more, not a lot more but more. The weekly expense of a car I don’t want at the moment and I don’t have the cash for a car. I have just started saving but thats for an attempt to go self employed but motivations a big issue there, have the idea’s just don’t have the drive but i’m slowly working on things.

Cool. Driving provides a certain freedom to life and I’m glad you are trying it. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a positive attitude. Keep the positive messages coming because I appreciate them.

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Minnii, you’re a powerhouse. You get up, post a positive message, reply to posts, then go for a driving lesson, and then it’s like ’ So what’s for breakfast’.

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