Positive message of the day 02/17


What do you do when your hopes have been dashed so many times that you are afraid to hope?

I actually don’t know how to answer that, but maybe a little more hope is needed to have the strenght to keep going, so all is not lost.

Fear is a creation of the mind. It’s illusory. Once on the other side, we often regret allowing it’s previous hold on us. Sorry if I stole that thought from someone else btw. It came to me, but it may have been a subconscious theft.

For me, a dogged determination often comes in handy, as perseverance, even when not fed by hope, can push you to try once more. Sometimes there is nothing left to do than to just hold on, like the dog who won’t let go despite the bigger human who demands he does so.

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I just keep going for the sake of it and because that’s what I would want from the people close to me.

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I believe in miracles!!! with a lot of HOPE(that’s what I have) I wish us all a miracle!!! Take Care let’s stay positive :grinning:

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Fear is like a wilderland - Stepping stones or Sinking sand - Joni Mitchell.

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