Positive message of the day 02/13


It’s a beautiful day to start!

I’ve been out walking my dog in the sunrise some hour ago. Sun and snow. Beautiful day. This pic is taken from my window.


It is beautiful :smile: Good for you!

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Now its a beautiful day to start. You post this at the very end of the day for me.

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Lol! You can come back when you wake up

This reminds me of that tree qoute." The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the 2nd best time is now "


I don’t know minnii. That picture, it looks so fogy you cant see a thing besides the letters. Could be driving hazard.

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Well it’s a day to get glasses!

I can read you wrote,“its a nice day to start” but everything outside the window you wrote on is white. Perhaps you start some indoor activities?

I’m activating my indoors right now, thanks for the reminder!

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