Positive intrusive thoughts

I had these overwhelming thoughts that made me cry today. I have had other ones that are similar in the past. I had thoughts and visions of the world wealthiest people giving huge, like CHUNKS of their wealth to humanity! Like never in history. They dug DEEP! The wealthy people would fly to the place where their money helped and the people showered them with gifts and praise. The wealthy people became overwhelmed and cried and got in touch with their own humanity. They were forever changed. The wealthy people basically started a world-wide party for the whole world to start giving to humanity. After the wealthy people broke the ice, the rest of the working world (and the wealthy people) started giving 10% of their income to humanity before taxes. People in the poorest parts of the world had clean water, fresh food and even education! It was really overwhelming. Impossible not to get teary. I have had other positive intrusive thoughts like that as well. They usually make me cry.

Unfortunately…, not long after, I go back to my anxiety, depression and paranoia that I am going to be persecuted and sacrificed. Sheesh. If I am going to be crazy, at least let it be positive!

Have you ever had positive intrusive thoughts?

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