"Positive" hallucinations

Do your hallucinations allways are bad, scary and unpleasent? Or do you sometimes get neutral hallucinations which dont really bother you or are just a bit annoying? I have been getting a feeling the floor under me bends. Almost like everythong i walk on was rubber. When i look down i can allnost swear to see it being bend in. Its not scary but anoying since it makes me pay attention to it.

When I was unstable, it was all dark and scary and distorted. Now that I am med compliant and stable and getting this under control…

I have an imaginary cat. It’s just this old tuxedo cat that I keep seeing out of the corner of my eye and can hear at night sometimes. It’s not a fire breathing demon cat. It’s just an old cat sort of wandering around.

It keeps making me think I have a cat. But I don’t. Sometimes my walls bend. But they haven’t fallen yet and if I go take a bath or a walk they stop bending.

i’ve only ever hallucinated once and that was because i mixed zopiclone with high doses of seroquel and depixol. i was sat on the toilet and i saw the walls breathing and one night on my bed i saw invisible people. it’s like there was an indent in reality where these people were moving around but i could c straight through them. they took me off the zopiclone pretty quick after that.

i get the floor moving like it is an earthquake, or walls etc…i am so used to it all, been doing this wwwaaaayyyyyyy too long, but i know what you mean.
i do also get positive hallucinations thou i call them all real .
take care

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Same here, I believe most of my hallucinations (that’s what they get called by everyone but me) are real. Only a few of them have paralyzed me for a few hours from fear. Mostly me watching them watching me.
Many of them have been pretty good to me, keeping me entertained for hours, just like those promises from the toy manufacturers on TV commercials.