Positive Forum Vibes

My schizophrenia is picking up positive tones from this forum as of late.

Not sure why. But I feel most everyone here is starting to gel. Most of us are on the same page these days…or at least trying hard to get there.

It’s a good thing! :slight_smile:

(I have a sixth sense that picks up moods/feelings that are in the air, btw.)



Yes Sir!

Let’s keep the good vibes flowing. :v:

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Groovy, man!!!

:peace_symbol: :pen:

Positive vibes

Be my friend

The good vibes have been here all along for me. Which is amazing because I didn’t got along with most people growing up. But NOW, I get along with most of you guys, most of the residents here at my place, and even people at work, although my boss and co-workers seem to be deciding to be a*sholes by choice. But most of the soldiers (both women and men) at work are friendly which is kind of surprising considering the line of work they’re in.


I just think this forum goes in waves.

At this point…with the different characters participating at this moment…the atmosphere seems very upbeat to me these days.

It’s quite refreshing to witness.