Positive feelings/auras?

hi, do you still, meaning after sz, experience many positive feelings and emotions?

i do not personally experience the full range of positive emotions. i do, however, experience the full range and intensity of negative emotions. i feel hatred, dissatisfaction, jealousy, dysphoria and so on.

i think it is a result of anhedonia and the restricting of my emotional range and intensity.

do you experience the full range of positive emotions? do you have high mood (feeling optimistic, positive and motivated).


I had a good few days where I was in good spirits this week. It doesn’t happen that often if I’m honest.

But today I’ve been in a foul :rage: mood all day. And that rarely happens too.

Normally I’m pretty even i.e. not good not bad.


I’m normally pretty even tempered but positive emotions dont come very easily to me but im schizoaffective depressive type. But i try! One of my alters is a damn generator of positivity though. He’s pretty manic actually but I love him.

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