Positive and Useful Voices in Patients With Schizophrenia: Prevalence,


Sounds manic? It sounds interfering and maybe not as upsetting but still not constructive.

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There is absolutely nothing useful /positive in listening to the linguistic content that expressed by these phonetic thoughts or even responding to them

Because,the sound emitter always ignores the commitment to any moral standers in what he says/expresses
The sound source appears as though he/she does not care about any moral responsibility that fall on him in his rogue/ugly exist in what he says/ expresses about ,
The sound source is malicious by all sense

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I have trouble reading articles that start with an abstract. The language they use is not very accessible. I really wish there were more articles covering the positive voices though, because I get a lot of those when my medicine is working. The meds help the mean voices but the nice ones always stay.

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After undergoing medication treatment for a month;
What is the natural antagonist that can work during the waking period and inhibit the sound emitter and prevent the listening to the vocal thoughts ,which constitutes the way to escape from the schizophrenia to the real world ?

Just as the the hallucination do,all its functional characteristics are involved in implementing one specific goal during every single operation,it must be all functional activities of the person participate in carrying out any specific behavior

Organized team work for all behavioral activities (mental,sense,memory,emotion,expression behavior,manual work>>etc) to producing the executive behavior and the person must be avoid any single activity

Continuous repetition through the waking hours lo losing the biological energy of the body by practicing the mental activity which related with the sensual inputs,emotion,memory data,expressive and kinematic behavior ,and insisting that these actions must be useful in achieving the requirement of personal life

This actions in itself is the natural antigen that can be taken during the waking period to inhibit the sound emitter and prevent the listening process in the same time

The 2 personality are worse
The nice one works as transmitter of information,it is works as communication channel that transmites the higher information in 2 opposite direction,from the mind to the ugly one,and from the ugly to the mind
Hence,the nice one works as a reader of the thoughts (mind reader) and transmites the comment of the ugly one to the mind
The nice one is the worst delivery most of waking time
the nice one is the sound that you listen to back/forth most time

Good one EH.

As for myself my good voices have a bad habit of swinging me too high, they tell me I’m chosen, special, divine.

They’re much more rare compared to the voices that pick on me, but they’re more powerful.

I remember a break I had a few years ago in which I was hearing a divine being who was training me to become like it. It helped encourage me when I was working, until I got to far gone and started believing. It wasn’t a good place.

I try not to pay them any mind.

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