POS Government 'Mental Health Coordinator' (Rant)

So I got a ‘case manager’ a few months ago to help me figure out what benefits I qualify for. They helped me get a loan to fix up the house my bio dad left me in his will, and even helped me get a new truck after the tranny went in my old one. But now they have stuck their noses too far into my business.

This morning I got a surprise visit from a ‘Mental Health Coordinator’ who works for the state. She went through my house, and even after being told not to, she went into my roommates room (I rent a full on house with my roommie and now my GF) My dogs were, as always, well behaved, and kept their feet down, only giving her a slight sniff when she first came in. I might add she came into the house after knocking only once, and without actually having someone answer the door. I did NOT know she was coming, but she claims she spoke to me on the phone a week ago.

Her requirements for me to continue to receive benefits and allowed to live outside a ‘community’ were, in her mind most likely, simple. I had to get rid of my pets. She told me that if I do not rehome my dogs, my cat, and my rabbits she will call her bosses and have me admitted to a mental health community.

I am not worried about this happening, because one, shes a ■■■■■■■ twat and has no idea what would happen if I lost my dogs, and two, I already have a prescription for a therapy dog.

What pisses me off is this bitch has the balls to walk into my house uninvited and start making demands. I told her she had five minutes to get out of my house or I would call the cops and have her arrested for trespassing. Her response was to leave and call my landlord, telling him that my house was filled with feces and smelled like a backed up sewer. BULL ■■■■…I have OCD when it comes to cleaning my house, I clean every morning, and use scented candles to ward off the inevitable winter build up of bad smells. (its not like I can open a window to air the place out).

My landlord however, has no choice but to issue me an eviction notice, because the bitch told him my rent assistant program was being canceled. I called, and they were indeed canceling my rent, but that they had just received the call that I was not caring for the property from a designated reporter.

So next week I will be moving into my new house (which still needs a central heating unit and a new roof) with my Roomie and my GF. I have called the government body this woman claimed to be representing and found out she was indeed sent to check up on me, but that she had no authority to have me kicked out of my house and they will ‘do an internal investigation’.

I am insulted, and appalled that this could happen to me, based solely on my mental illness, does this woman think that SZ means you are stupid? That you can’t look up laws and make informed decisions on your own? I hear voices, I am depressed, I am NOT mentally retarded, I do NOT have some form of autism that makes me unable to care for myself. This bitch seems to think that I am less of a person because of my mental illness, and that just pisses me off to no end.

End Rant, sorry if this offends anyone

Sorry to hear about all that…

It’ll blow over. Sounds like someone is on your side out there


Get rid of your pets? I don’t know where you live, but I know where I live you can get what I believe is a simple dr’s note or form for them to fill out saying your pets are therapeutically necessary. I know that’s what one of the members of the club I go to did when the owners of the building said his dog couldn’t come in anymore.

Man, what a situation. You have every right to be angry, this makes no sense.

Hope you can resolve your situation fast enough, you don’t need the added stress at all.

Make sure to call them to check up on the situation with her, because she can’t really go around ruining peoples lives like that.

God some people just suck

I’m just glad my roommate and Girlfriend both pretty much told the landlord to kiss our collective asses, they are both gonna move into my house with me, its gonna be cold, but between my disability, and the job I got last week (I have 9 months where my income doesn’t matter as long as I report it properly) I should be able to get by. My new job, if I manage to keep it, will pay me $3,500 a month (its a salaried income, because I am going to be a Site Foreman for a landscape company, so glad I took that two year course in high school on Landscape Design and Management). So really once I am sure I will keep the job I wont need disability anymore, and it wont be affected by my leg injury because I will be giving the jobs not doing them. :smiley:

My roommate is a manager for the local Wal-mart , and my GF will be going to her first job interview with the State Police on Friday. She already makes a good chunk of change at her security job though.


Good luck with all of that, sounds like a good plan!

Almost sounds like she was sent to stir up trouble, I wouldn’t put it past some government programs. Glad you are able to relocate with supportive people, to somewhere with more privacy.

The farm is old, the barn cant be used, and the horse pasture is filled with wild raspberries and such… but the house is a seven bedroom, and two of the bedrooms have fireplaces.

and as I type this, the dog who showed up at my back door a couple hours ago is resting her head in my lap. she wants her human parents so bad its heart breaking, I think she must have gotten loose, she has a collar but no ID tags, just her rabies. I call the vet in the morning and they will contact her family. she smells like she just got a bath too so someone is missing this dog

GAWD! You are one lucky guy!

Word of warning though. Might get a different pdoc at different county mental clinic where you used to live or whatever works, order med recs from old clinic where case manager works so you don’t get arrested at new house in front of neighbors. If you are on forced psych care, could get you in trouble at work if the case manager tries to order a forced psych care warrant for just disappearing. —Itching the woman out could get forced psych care warrant too. Witchy-poo might be a longer problem unless you make her think you moved on to another mental care provider.

If you are not on forced psych care, can probably walk away from new psych doc without problems as long as you are not confusible/delusional or depressed enough for self harm! You can get a forced psych hold for telling off case manager. Letter to manager would be better or go to media with story. Could check out attorneys?

Your story does not really surprise me. Worked at local county clinic for while helping with annual commitment reviews. Met some really good social workers until the management made decision to hire people like you described. I abandoned the job after seeing something like this ‘hinted at’ by social worker while I worked with her…Moved to different psych care after few months as therapy went bad too, lady started messing with my head and making threats. Got nothing out of the county clinic therapy anyway, just interventionist waiting to deploy the case management. Even threatened to sign me up for the case management after fight with abusive relationship she would not give advice about. Just told me to hang on there??? HUH?

Honestly, my area has so much police discrimination for disability due to local sex abuse covered up, better to say you work at Walmart if you have any police contact as they try to lock up anyone else who is on SSDI if they come into contact with us. Saw some locked up for months for getting defensive in public with cops if you do not keep mental care or therapy, these were acting okay in care and meds compliant (which is required to get released to care of another caseworker btw). Anyone who is on mental care or therapy still who is picked up for forced psych hospital, maybe for giving constructive criticism to mental care even or getting angry, will get released from psych hold in 2-3 days for calling your care provider. This place has some very bad police scams and no attorneys/politicians who will fix it so lucky to know this stuff and avoid the scams, or move.

I still keep care but still living in messed up place with bad cops/crooked psych intervention officer due to hidden sex abuse in area for decades. Working on moving. Bad area just gets worse and worse. Is predictable mess here, scam run on other female victims. Better to abandon ship here too, no okay jobs that pay enough to get by and lots of sex harassment/discrimination scams with no unemployment pay.

Would stop by new psych care, make appointment, fill out release to move med recs and call to cancel appointment later. Unless you are on forced psych hold, should be home free…

I am not on forced anything, I got out of that when I moved out of the big city, and my shrink is the same in both areas, the new home is only 25 miles from the current.

There is nothing to keep me from moving, and I already have a lawyer ready…