Pope John Paul 1983

@mjseu those are great photos, or great places to go, i am not recognizing them though, not to say I saw every church while in paris for example, we hit the big spots, like notre dame cathdral, eiffle tower, I guess I’ll have to go back someday :slight_smile:

That church in Paris is on one hill. There is a funny story about all this. In Feb 1988 I visited this church in the evening with two Finnish women and then we went back to our hotel near Picalle and got a bottle of red wine. When we drank this bottle of red wine in their hotel room they tried to have sex with me, but I declined and went to my room. I thought this was funny. I went to Paris during the university studies and remember how I completed some of my course work in the hotel room. It was a nice trip. Afterwards I have gone to Paris few times. I like those cafes there. Also the Latin quarters was interesting.

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I went to this church in Marseille also once in 1999 …

Once I stayed near this St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, it was a lot of fun :smiley:

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Once in 1998 I was here in the temple of skulls in Portugal, basically the temple is full of sceletons and skulls of Christin martyrs who were executed hundreds of years ago.

what? 2 women at once?

I have been to Venice, I recognize this place!

“Vatican” is old language, it means literally “prophet of the serpent.”

Makes total sense actually now that i think about it, alot of sense, to much sense even.

it does, those columns look like snakes inside the church