Pope John Paul 1983

in high school, I went on a tour of Europe with a group called America’s Youth in Concert. I got this close to Pope John Paul, this is my snapshot, and my friend’s head is somewhat in the way, not too bad


I was in Rome and on the top of Saint Peter’s Basilica in 1991, I had my leather jacket on and it was +30 celcius degrees, but fun :smile:


dang, I bet Pope John Paul is down there someplace! move alittle closer next time :slight_smile:

I put my photo up to perhaps freak out the world, imagine a schizophrenic standing that close to the pope…

i was a 17 year old girl at the time, never even in my wildest dreams would i have imagined myself sitting in a psych ward in my lifetime

During WWII didn’t the Vatican have some tie in with Hitler? Money laundering or something?

I like religious places, here are some where I have been


There’s always someone. Why not let these guys enjoy their photos without slamming their religion?

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My intent was not meant to slam their religion. I guess I might have slammed them inadvertently. I meant it as an interesting footnote in history.

I wrote to Saint John Paul II in, I think, 2002 describing my situation and asking him to please pray for me. I got a nice letter back from the Vatican, saying that the pope had seen my letter, and that he would pray for my intentions. I was floored. It was one of the happiest days of my life. I wasn’t even a Catholic then, just a Christian, and I told him so in my letter. I love Saint John Paul II.


I am not Catholic either, I do believe in God. The Vatican itself is breathtaking, regardless of your religous affiliation.

I used to go here sometimes, Eastern Orthodox monastery near my little town


I just see the pope as a holy man…unlike other men of the cloth who give Jesus a bad name…I am not Catholic…I am non denominational and of no affiliate of any church…I have my bible and I pray…that is it…I hate religion or organized religion in whole…the churches give Jesus a bad name…

I see the new pope (PaPa) as an very special man…(I have no religious upbringing whatsoever, but not by my choice. As an adult, I have no idea where to start, so I don’t…But I do believe there is a God)

This is all very uplifting. I believe in God is how we live and move and have our being.

I went to the Vatican back in 1974, when I was in the Navy. I’m not Catholic but it is a fond memory for me.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

He has a really nice smile and looks like a caring person.

i was only a teenager, but this experience of being this close to the Pope, the leader of the Catholic church, even tho i’m not Catholic, has always stayed with me. Very moving, uplifting and inspring experience for me, I really cannot describe what it’s like to be near the Pope, visit the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, Vatican. Amazing experience even for a 16-17 year old girl.

Pope John Paul was a great man. I once listened a tape series (15 tapes) of his life in Atlanta. He actually helped many people including Jews during the 2nd World War. He spoke many languages. I still remember his death in 2005 and when the new Pope was elected who also seems to like to make peace between Israel and Palestinians. In the 1990s somebody commented that Microsoft can buy the Vatican, but when you think that the Catholic church has one billion members, it is just too expensive for Microsoft to buy the Vatican. Just simple calculations. No wonder they made john paul II as the Saint.

I was here in Paris in Feb 1988, the great church

I was here in the sourthern France in March 1999