Pop up suggestions


Please stop or tell me how to stop these yellow and blue pop up suggestions. I don’t like this at all. Are you watching e type? How did you get in to my computer typing? This is aggravating. don’t talk to me while I’m typing. Please stop

i think you are having a delusion, take a few deep breaths, or splash your self with cold water it works for me.
know some one cares.
take ca re

I am not currently delusion nor have I been delusional in the last hour or two. I did my homework and only had a little conversation with the unreal while I was completing it. I’m not delusional. The Administrators are sending me messages. Really - Truly - Sincerely.

The forum software automatically creates suggestions for titles from past postings - so that if you are typing a message that has already been posted.

You can look at that post first before your posting so that you can learn from existing responses and perhaps avoid duplicating a question that may not get the best responses because people get tired of responding to the same question if it happens multiple times.

hiding, do you mean the “similar topics” pop-ups that the software spits out above what you’re typing. If so, it’s just the machine making links to posts that have similar words in them… like a search engine. That’s all it is, I think.

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When this window pops up there is an “x” at the top right that you can click and it should close this pop up box. I find it annoying too so I usually close it.

Thank you everyone. I get it. Its just a program. I’m sorry I get so worried about being watched.