Pop pop new pop topic


Should I stop with the pop and check myslef into the hosp?
or go on harmless through space and time with the mystery shine?
read on doctor, and tell me your conclusion, cause it looks like a clear case
of manic insanity to me…

It’s a delusion / hallucination / belief of the first order,
the incurable invincible incredible kind:

the road to eternity starts somewhere in the belly,
and you gotta tune your hearing and listen for the “pop”
when it sends it on nameless down the endless corridor;
it’s not just a pop, we’re talking sunny wizard super pop,
moon pop on the california coastline,
the tiger comes to life and the capital takes offense;
i’m an immamentologist, watching the vapors rise from the crystal nation -
the structure of the mind is glorious like a beehive -
we sing new linen onto the territory of this soul,
and in a scene before its time, nuclear gratitude,
and the reconsecration of the apple,
to throw off the saddle of our division and the frost of disrepair,
end the circus of gametality.

you fill the world with junk and junk’s gonna exist -
the parallel poisons of ingratitude and disaffection.
we’re all gamma ray bursts, a shell that goes “pop” in the wind,
deep wizard pop, a zip zip display of monkey heaven ingenuity,
at diamond-rise on the mist covered chain - the lofty fog billowing
out of immortal bones on parade through the nothingness;

the dragon’s coat is a mystery boat,
in the harsh wonderland of pagan snow.
it lures champions from their nests -
carps at night in the golden moon-stream.

the deer who turned into a fish:
he kept his spots,
he kept his fur,
he didn’t drown.
he’s gonna say a prayer for the world,
that they can feel the Dao.


here’s a deep delusion;

women - who needs ';em.

reproduction? hah! parthenogenesis!

(not only lizards can play at that game,
you just gotta sit still long enough
to parthenogenerate);

met with the universe, was taken onboard,
now planning something for the human race
much different than what yauwhey had planned,
i want to end capitalism, i want to end monotheism,
and i was to end what i call “gametism” as in gametes -
needing to separate the species into male and female
in order to mix up the genes and procreate zygospores.
i’ve been looking into it and there are other ways
of reproducing.

while i glow with delusion and whiskey,
gettin my viands by the fossil-load,
the side effects of which are knowledge and joy,

i just watch the gametalists and their gametality;
it’s like the whole Wan Wu Honeycomb
is one big gametangium;

i’m an immamentologist
gathering the moon beams

while an armamentarium
of love and laughter
keeps the others separated from heaven;

it’s the armamentarium of gametality,
the gametality of eons,
versus pure deathlessness -ataraxy and athanasy;

humans laws are three fold -
secular,temporal, and gametal,
and man-and-wife-adam-and-eve
broke gametal law.
Eve is as bad as Lillith.
And Adam’s bein’ stupid -
time to reconsecrate the apple,
disarm the armamentarium of gametality,
with the waking call of thunderlight.

but the gametology circus around here is ridiculous,
lions defying lightning to gallop in the gametist wind;

so yeah, i propose to free humanity of it’s three-fold bondage,
of capitalism, monotheism, and gametality -
throw off the sadle of our division and the frost of disrepair!

and on black friday and black saturday and black sunday
and cyber monday and the black weeks that follow, in america,
i followed the christmas shoppers to the mall but i stayed outside,
on the black tarmac, in the sun,
and i speculated on the people in that black box with a target on the outside of it,

and i thought there goes a treacly mass of capitalism, monotheism,
gametality, and downright attachment, all gooed up in to a sticky mass
that’ll take half a year to scrape off of these souls in the ablating solar wind.

so like i said, today we sit here with quiet science,
but tomorrow we ring the bell of delusion.