Poor thing

idk if you all seen this but i saw it and it near moved me to tears and i couldnt stop thinking about this poor defenceless creature with this straw stuck up its nose :frowning:

see if you can watch it all the way through, poor thing, its just horrible…

AH dude that’s painful to watch. How the ■■■■ did he get that stuck in there in the first place.

Thank god they got it out.

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yeah, i have been thinking about it for a while :frowning: really makes you think,

why do these we guys need to suffer just because of us, there was a whale video that i saw just before this one and it was a a giant whale that came up to a fishing boat and i think it wanted the people to take the plastic bags from its mouth, so the guy reached over and yanked it off, poor thing, i was thinking 'what if that was one of those chinese whale hunting boats? those dudes need to be careful :whale2:

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The imagery is painful to have bouncing around in the head.

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the whale video was better, its short, here it is…

i like to think that the animals might actually be a lot cleverer than they look,

i think they might know that it wasnt intentional, i think they might know that we created it but they also know that we may try to help them, i love whales.

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Pretty smart whale though. To even try that. To know there is a chance that a human would understand and remove the bag. Indicates so level of understanding. That’s a pretty cool video.

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It is bad that this turtle has a straw up his nose, but nature is filled with examples of worse suffering. If you became emotional about every animal that suffered you would have no energy to live.

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Still man. How the ■■■■ did that straw get in its nose?

idk man i was in shock when they pulled it out, it was a big ass straw :frowning:

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No telling. Many sea creatures suffer enourmously because of the gill nets of fishermen and the plastic waste we dump into the ocean. We need to find a better way. Still, I don’t worry myself too deeply over the single example of an animal suffering. There are huge examples of animals suffering horribly just in the ordinary business of nature. We don’t have the resources to stop it.

well i recycle as much as i can, i love sorting my plastics and tins, paper, glass etc, i am still waiting on a food waste bin to come and i cant wait for that.

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Agreed. Still to turn a blind eye when the presented with a suffering animal probably takes more away from the person than the effort that it would take to help them.

Then you get into euthanasia. Just put her down lol. ■■■■■■■ terrible. There are all forms of death and suffering going on around the clock. It is best to not think about it.

I get real emotional, sometimes to tears, when I watch those Animal Abuse commercials - like the one on the ASPCA.

Very Sad - it hurts to watch, I usually will change the channel

If you gaze long enough into the abyss,
The abyss will gaze back into you.

  • Nietzsche -
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Yeah man. It did more than stare back at me. It started tearing me apart. That aspect of my experience has no power any more. Noise in the mind.

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sorry wave, i just wanted people to have some awareness/understanding of this issue, basically suffering,

even if it is an animal it is still a living thing like us, it may be different but it still deserves to live and be free, it should not be suffering like that,

i was almost in tears myself, i almost stopped the video and i had to look away, its a bit like a horror movie in a way and when they pulled the straw out i was like omg :frowning:

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think i got lost in it haha

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And none escapes it.