Poor sleep

<3 hours sleep. Not good all. Average for the last couple of weeks has been 4-4.30 hours a night.

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What med are you on? Invega right?

Trevicta -every 3 months. It’s the foot problem that I’ve previously mentioned that’s causing the poor sleep. On top of that there’s the lower back pain when walking short distances and the achy right hip. The sore foot is not helping my balance which is not good anyway.

I had my hair cut on Saturday and my stepdaughter had to straighten me up ,as I was,unbeknownst to me, leaning markedly to the right.
A lot of the physical health issues are very much due to a very sedentary lifestyle, which became more so due to the lockdown

Can you possibly get some kind of physical therapy?

I was given some simple things to do, but can only remember a couple of them . I’m waiting on my stepdaughter printing and putting them up for me.

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