Poor response to risperidone is linked to over-methylation


If you can’t handle risperidone then you could have a methylation problem, meaning your not getting enough B vitamins and folate.

Hypo-methylation means your high in homocysteine.

Betaine, B vitamins and folate can lower homocysteine levels.

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What is meant by poor response though?


I think they mean people can’t handle risperidone and get more side effects and have a harder time coping with it.

I’m not sure myself, but it’s something along those lines I think.

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So weird question here. It made me “bud” basically that beginning of growing boobs. Is that linked to it also? @Green

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@Thaze , this thread originated years ago so it has to be closed now. But feel free to start a new thread with your questions

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Didn’t realize I’m sorry

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Oh, no this isnt a zombie thread. It’s only 3 months old.


I’m not sure but it could help with that.

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I remember this risperidone, I have tried it, made me very social used to go to pubs with my friends but not drink, even then I was almost down on the floor dancing. There was a major backlash, memory issue and dropped the job.

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What might help me?? @Green

Growing man boobs (gynaecomastia) is totally linked with respiridone. Might be because respiridone increases prolactin (the hormone that causes people to secrete milk).

High prolactin can be normalised by a few different measures. In psych circles low dose abilify (2-5mg) when added can sort it out


Vitamin E is meant to help lower prolactin. Also Abilify (antipsychotic medication) stops it.