Poor people who will have this image burned on their eyes

In October my walking club (because of the cold) will turn into a swim club. I don’t even own a bathing suit. I have gained a ton of weight and i feel bad for burning this scary image on their brain. This is somewhat tongue in cheek but i really hope i lose a bit of weight before then.

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Yeah I know all about how hard it is to keep the weight down on ap’s especially when we get older. I wish you luck on your weight loss, but I hope you can continue to exercise, I think your concern about the “scary image on their brain” is less of how it will traumatize them and more about the fear of what they’ll say about you. Don’t worry. They’ll know you are trying and will hopefully respect you for it.


You can float more easily!

It’s good to swim, it moves all muscles of the body.

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maybe you can get a really nice two piece,

and not something skin tight.
sounds like fun!


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