Poor memory and sleep, what could it be?


i didnt have a stable sleep schedule during the summer, now its become more like im sleeping between 9pm and maybe 1am, if i feel like it maybe two more hours between 4am and maybe 6am.

im not taking aps and dont suffer from positive symptoms, but i do have debilitating short term memory loss. it is very profound and consistent.

i also have over the top emotions every few day, rage and despair.

ive also been having episodes of blurry vision and confusion. my hearing can also seem faint, as if listening underwater.

my body composition is changing rapidly, im not gaining weight, but beginning to store fat in strange places. also water retention.

ill take advice from my family doctor, but i still neec your input on what i should ask him. i have a physical on thursday.

again, i will consider professional medical advice over everything else, but in the meantime im wondering what the heck you reckon the issue might be?


You could have just described my major problems after a psychotic break. They just treated the weight with water pills and the eye doctor said I have astigmatism. The blurry vision is only sometimes. Usually with head pressure so I think it is a mix of water retention and feeling my blood pressure go up some. Usually normal blood pressure except when stressed.

Water retention can be caused by a number of things. We can’t figure out what mine is from. But I have a lot of autoimmunity problems including arthritis. They test me on lupus panels every years.


i always have high blood pressure whenever measured at a psychiatrist or even during my routine check up, i think that might be part of it

as for water retention and changes in fat distribution, i feel like those might point to hormonal issues maybe, also the unstable mood

finally, i hope the doc gives me advice about the blurry vision thing, its very strange, im 1/7 family members who doesn’t need some form of glasses, thing is it comes and goes so it might be a different thing

i have no headaches snd can read just fine


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