Poor Medical Care in Schizophrenia: Part 1: inequalities


I really do believe that the reason for our shorter lifespan is due in part to the psych meds we take.
Slowly but surely if you do not stay on top of things by seeing your physical doctor on a regular basis, you will fall victim to the awful side effects these psych meds cause. After years of taking powerful psychotropic medications, I am having eye issues, my liver is not the healthiest, and my metabolism is affected alongside diabetes.
The psych meds help on one hand and on the other hand they are slowly killing us - who said life was fair

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Wow, what a powerful and saddening stat: people with schizophrenia who have a heart attack are 50% less likely to receive timely (appropriate) care.

As a healthcare professional and a person with schizophrenia, that angers me so much. It is unnecessary suffering and mortality.

Please keep posting these videos as they become available, @firemonkey.



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My doctor sees me every 6 months. I’m supposed to get a mammogram during that time. That’s the only test she’s having me do.

That’s why I believe mental health group homes should be regulated.they don’t check the side effects of the medications. I work in a nursinghome and we check side effects as we should and its regulated. My son had a neuroleptic syndrome from not checking side effects.