Poop yourself well?

So I have been experimenting with probiotics for a couple months now and had a bizarre, but happy experience over the weekend .I had been sick over Christmas with intestinal problems and finally last weekend I was getting really tense and irritable with my wife and our families, plus my blood pressure was really high (which is really unusual for me)…

Friday night I took off in the car and was kind of wandering around and feeling very distressed and a little suicidal. I ended up at my dad’s and called a crisis hotline who helped calm me down a lot. They suggested I meet up with an ACT team who stopped by the next day. I was bawling my eyes out but they just talked to me and decided that I didn’t need to go to the hospital.

My wife and I were really having problems and were talking about divorce. I even gave her my keys to the apartment in case we decided to go through with it.

I still stayed with my dad on Sunday but that night I had probably what was one of the best bowel movements of my entire life that stunk terribly (I’m not kidding, I never smelled anything like that before… i was too afraid to even look at it). I took a shower right away because I felt so dirty but felt great after that. That night I slept deeply and my blood pressure went way down (it was something like 140/90 in the morning but now it’s been hovering around 115/70).

My wife and I talked and patched things up and everything is going well just in time for Valentine’s Day.
My bowels haven’t felt better in years and my energy level has really gone up.

So I am wondering what the heck was sitting in my intestines?

I have tried to do more for my digestion in the past couple months: I stopped taking ibuprofen entirely, I cut back on gluten, sugar and saturated fats. Most significantly I have been taking a 10 billion count acidophilus twice a day since I got sick at Christmas plus I started drinking some low or no calorie low dose B-vitamin drinks.

Now that I am feeling better, I have started to become even more conscientious about what I am eating since I had forgotten what it felt like to feel relatively well…

I think there could be a lot of truth behind these microbiome theories and sz…every one of my friends who have severe psych symptoms eat incredibly crappy foods which is probably perfect breeding grounds for these lousy bugs.

“Poop yourself well?”

I don’t poop myself. lol lol lol

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Good for you. Glad you feel so much better. Seems to have had a significant impact on you. Maybe I will try probiotics.

I haven’t pooped myself in quite a while, but I doubt I was very well at the time.

Butt, I get it, what goes in the pie-hole ends up exiting the bung hole, and if you don’t thing your gut flora is important for good health, try scrubbing your intestines super sanitary clean with antibiotics, and learn firsthand why it’s a no-no.

The trick to health lies in knowing when something is “enough.” not too much, and not too little.

as in just because something is good for you, more must be better…not.