Pool = do you believe telepaty?

  • Yes i believe
  • No i don t believe telepaty

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when I was 21 I had a cat, she had been my childhood pet, she went missing for 2 days. I had a dream that she was in a planter behind the neighbors house and when I woke up I couldn’t shake the dream. I told my aunt about it an she told me to go check the planter but I wouldn’t because of bad blood with the neighbor. She told me to go get my cousin and have him check so I did. When my cousin went back behind the house he found my cat in the planter box curled up, unconscious. We rushed her to the vet. She was in kidney failure. Well there was nothing that could be done except to make her comfortable, and say goodbye. So I brought her home and let the family say goodbye to her and in the next couple days we had her put down to end her suffering. Put the only way I could have dreamt her being in that planter box was if she sent me a telepathic message that that’s where she was. Or some such thing.


I did when I was like 8 years old. But as I got older I realised it definitely wasn’t true. I think its just an anxiety/paranoia driven belief.

Yeah, two idiots same thought.

I’ve had too many instances of predicting someone’s actions to not believe in some form of telepathy. Whether it be knowing when a specific person is going to call or reach out to me, their death, or thinking something only to have the person in front of me repeat it aloud.

I don’t believe in psychics, and I’m not spiritual or religious. I just don’t think it’s unwise to assume the consciousness is capable of things we cannot yet understand scientifically. Since, scientifically, we know little to nothing about consciousness.


Even the feeling of being watched in public, only to turn around and see you’re actually being watched. I think it’s more than just intuition. I think, somehow, our consciousness is capable of sending and receiving feedback to others.


I experienced it when I was psychotic. Had conversations in my head.

I don’t experience it anymore, meds took care of that.

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I put yes. I have it happen quite frequently, where I will not be talking to a friend for a while, I think of them and the next day they call.

Also, when I was taking hapkido The Grandmaster would send me energy in meditation and I would feel it. There would be a very clear sense of his presence

If you’ve never experienced this, obviously you won’t believe in it. But if you have had the experience, it seems as natural as walking


I answered “yes” because I believe in the future humans will be able to figure out how to recognize human brainwaves and use technology to decode those brainwaves into decodable patterns. At present brain to computer technology is being studied and applied to real world scenarios such as using brainwaves to move a robotic hand. Without a doubt, instant translation will be an upcoming invention to assist in real-time communication between two people of two different language backgrounds. No third-person required to translate.

Telepathy is a broad word to define the communication at a distance without wires of the human thought. Verbal word telepathy would be the basic form of telepathy that humans could establish before getting into complex telepathic abilities. Complex telepathic abilities would include communication of emotion, visual thoughts, visual ideas, word stressing etc.

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Yes and no. In animals, yes. In humans, no.

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Telepathy is a load of bollox. Even on the old 80’s 90’s tv shows they were asking leading questions.

And if your Sz - and are dabbling with the idea your “psychic” or “telepathic” - cos your hearing voices? . Trust me your not. Its the mental illness.

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I believe in the unknown powers of mind

Using the same logic, I shouldn’t trust you because you’re schizophrenic.

I don’t believe in telepathy because I hear voices, but I won’t dismiss the idea of telepathy on the basis of “it seems crazy, and I’m crazy, so it must be crazy.” That’s too politically correct for me.

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Charming, “you shouldnt belive me cos im sz”.
Ha mate.

If your gonna entertain the delusions your “telepathic” even slightly - good luck down the rabbit hole mate.

Feel free to post when its done your head in.

Oh, then you’ll love to hear I’m unmedicated. Please, tell me how insignificant I am, in contrast of your self righteousness, and maybe you’ll see how much your self righteousness means to me.

I just don’t see how you can argue this hard against it, when, scientifically, we have not uncovered basically anything in regard to consciousness. We don’t yet know. To be adamant on a subject which is rooted in opinion is feeble at best.

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Mate. You clearly dont know me then. If your fighting it without meds, expect people to call you out from those that are medicated - and have a clearer picture of life.

You do what you gotta do. Im not your father. But Telepathy is is cobblers.

Just as I don’t believe I have superpowers unmedicated, I also don’t believe you have superpowers because you’re medicated, sorry.

I don’t know that I would call it telepathy, but my mom has what I call mom sense. Sometimes she will just call out of the blue at 2 AM and be like “my mom sense is tingling, what happened” and she is ALWAYS right about it. I remember one time I got into an accident in the dead of night and 5 minutes later she called my cell like “I just woke up what is wrong where are you”

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I have a theory that the body and mind can pick up on cues from others, like if you’re talking to someone and you’re really focused and intent on listening you can almost predict what they’re gonna say next based on their body language, tone, pitch context of the conversation all that stuff, I don’t believe so much in telepathy (even tho I’ve felt others reading my thoughts while psychotic) as I do that we have unlocked potential in our minds that’s wasted on gossip and complaining about the weather and other negative behaviors.