Poo! I just sent a email I shouldn’t off!

I hope they don’t let you go.

Im sorry can I ask you why?

I don’t think it would be safe for you to travel. What happens if you go psychotic and get thrown in an Indian prison?


I will have travel insurance… which will cost £280.00 for 31days, if not disclosing my illness will be £20.00. I’m thankful for your advice. I know it sounds bad but I’m fine.

I want you to be able to go, but at the same time, you have a known delusion that you think you should kill yourself in a river there. So, just knowing that, I would think it’s a bad idea. But given that letter, you just don’t sound as stable as you often come off. I worry about you.


Have you told them about the feelings about sacrificing yourself in the river?

So whatis your spirituality practice like?
Are there Buddhist ways to protect you from deceiving forces?
Question when you hear from him. Don’t just listen.
Have you ever been Christian?

@bobbilly. You seem very unwell right now. Going to India in your current condition would be a huge mistake. The Buddha is not speaking to you. That is a figment of your illness.

I would strongly encourage you to be candid with your treatment team about your symptoms.


Traveling while psychotic can be undoable.

I have traveled all by myself while psychotic and it was not fun.
I suffered and people around were not helping me really.

I was forsed to go Swimming with dolphins and I looked and felt aweful and suffered because I did not experience as others …
I could not enjoy anything and was treated so badly by family n father who did not understand or care how I felt n what I was going through.

If you are accompanied it can still be undoable if you have paranoia about those you travel with …

Sacrificing yourself in the river Ganges is not going to save the world, it’s only going to devastate your loved ones. That voice you identify as Buddha is playing tricks on you.

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