Ponderism 5-B

Do you guys think that maybe there’s a town in Missouri or Kentucky somewhere called “Sample”?
And when you enter it, there’s a sign that says," Yer in Sample"?

“Yer” lol

I’m going to be inserting this into everything now and I’ll probably use an obnoxious and very exaggerated southern accent.

My fiancé will be pissed in about 10 minutes. <3

Sample is an unincorporated community within Breckinridge County, Kentucky, United States. It was also known as Chicken Bristle. The Sample post office closed in 1992.[2]

As I live in Ky., could not resist looking this up! Not sure about that sign though*****

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Sad to say, I saw this last night, and I JUST got this this morning. :laughing:

Nice one Mr. Nick.

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