Ponderism # 113

What do you suppose a puppy would look like if it’s father was Chihuahua and it’s mother was a St. Bernard?
Would it be the biggest, yappiest, most annoying dog that takes up the most room?

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big dogs seem less inclined to be yappy!

Little dogs are like short men…yeah it’s a stereotype but I know a few people with that Napolean complex!

The most annoying dog is medium sized and lives over the road two houses down…they have a lot of young girls there who play in the street and yard and stir the friggin thing up. It barks constantly and annoyingly most of the day! Even my cats are so used to it they don’t care but I do!

I thinks it’s like a poodle cross or something…drives me mad!

A friend in the struggle,


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i think it would drool a lot…yukkie !?!
take care

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Yeah, lol. And the little container strapped underneath it’s chin for rescues would contain Tequila or Dos XX’s.

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