Pondering... Superior humans

There is a Superior Human in my Sz group… self-professed Demi-God who is smarter, better, stronger, more good looking then any of us average people. For some reason he’s decided that my sis and I are worthy of his time. I know in his mind he is gifting us with his presence. But hopefully he will soon grow tired with our averageness.

I would never wish ill will upon anyone… but if he found other self professed Demi-Gods to hang with I wouldn’t mind. I’m just trying to get through my day, stay lucid, learn about myself so I can heal more, help others when I can, and then have some time to hit the waves.

My sis thinks he’s manic and slightly delusional and has offered the hand of friendship or at least a kind ear and sounding board. I wish she wouldn’t. I hate to say it, but I’ve been angry with her for offering to be nice to this superior human. He already said he has no time and no need of mere friendship. He only wants sex. My sis said no thanks. But he still comes over. He was over last night for ages bragging it up while my sis and I went late night tide pool watching.

There is a demi-goddess that is somehow mixed in my sister’s circle who does look like a model… people stop and admire her when she walks down the street. She comes over once in a while and brags to my sis about her amazing looks and her amazing life where people wait on her and she doesn’t have to lift a finger, and that she can spend more money on a purse then we spend on years rent. Why does my hard working sis who has to budget, and can do her own laundry, attract this demi-goddess’s attention? My sis doesn’t go to frat parties or spend 6 months rent on a dress, she sews her own… so why come over here?

I also have a brother who is richer, and better then me in every way he says. Yet he won’t just leave us alone. We’ve gotten a lot of calls from him lately. He’s been reaffirming his superiority. Fine, he wins the superior prize. I just want to heal and become more self-sufficient. Personally, I quit caring and I just go… "sure, yep, Ok, how awesome for you… " I get it, I’m beneath him… then why keep calling me?

We’re not impressed and we’re both too busy to care. Why come over here?

I’m trying to figure out this part of superior human nature. If we are so below everyone else, why come over here?


The Übermensch (German for “Overman, Overhuman, Above-Human, Superman, Super-human”; German pronunciation: [ˈˀyːbɐmɛnʃ]) is a concept in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche had his character Zarathustra posit the Übermensch as a goal for humanity to set for itself in his 1883 book Thus Spoke Zarathustra (German: Also Sprach Zarathustra), although Nietzsche clearly disagreed with many things he had Zarathustra say.


They are not visiting you. To keep up their superior image, they have to hang around people who don’t measure up to them. They really don’t want any competition. Too afraid that if they lose, they will self destruct.


My husband says visiting my sister and her husband is like going to see the Howls from Gilligan’s Island or keeping up with the Joneses…

Nice house, 2 vehicles, pool, little dog, stay at home wife perfectly primped, husband with high paying job just a little grey hair…

Underneath all that they are two people in a relationship with as many issues as anyone else. Mortgaged and hubby always making comments about lights being left on… The pool is a lot of work. Little dog = expensive vet bills. I don’t think their days are much different then mine and my hubbys. He goes to work and I can take care of the home.

If these demi-gods, superior humans were really all that they would not need to lord it over other people to prove how wonderful they are. That’s why they come I guess. They need someone to brag too because really no one else cares either. Perhaps by ignoring their boastful statements they will eventually get tired of making them :smile:


Hitler liked Nietzsche and especially his ‘overman’ concept, but we all know how it ended, in the destruction of the 3rd Reich, but some people like to be ‘overmans’.

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My sis and I are at odds over this one. We don’t often end up at odds.

I say, ignore the super humans and the sooner they go away the better.

She says she thinks our brother and the other guy are manic and delusional and at least deserve a friend. The girl hardly comes over anymore.

I misread this at first. I was thinking it said ignore the people all together and shut them out of our existence… But it says ignore the comments. :stuck_out_tongue:

I sort of hate this feeling. My sis would never and has never thrown my Sz in to a conversation. But I still feel like the “crazy” one as she says, “J, everyone deserves a little patience don’t they?”

I want to be 3 and say… "No! No they don’t!, I can’t hear you… na na na na na… (picture my fingers in my ears with that last bit) But the adult side has to agree I guess. :unamused:


He sounds like a narcissist. They see people as a source of gaining their narcissistic supply. He will not get tired of boasting if he truly has narcissistic personality disorder, it sounds like he does. Narcissists see people as objects, they have a complete lack of empathy. There’s a lot of good info about narcissism on the web created by this guy Sam Vaknin, he’s a narcissist himself. His advice in a nutshell is: stay away, cut all contact. You can not change a narcissist, even a psychologist can’t usually. Most psychopaths have narcissistic traits and many narcissists are also sadists. She’s really playing with fire I think.


I’ve come to believe that noone is truly perfect. What one person excels in may be absent in another. The opposite is true as well.


I don’t hang out with people who disrespect my family members. That’s why it’s difficult when my ex boyfriend still wants to hang out because I let him come over to my house but his mom won’t let me come over anymore.

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I’ve known people like this and they only come when they need to get a rise off someone else, I attract these a lot because I’ve never had much self worth it’s always felt like people are trying to get a one up on me, but the superior humans are the ones best at everything and have the looks to go with it, you never see them together because they need to feel like they are superior so need to be around they perceive as average, otherwise there would be no point, if they were around people like themselves they wouldn’t get that rise that they’re better, I don’t know what would happen if they didn’t get it but I imagine it wouldn’t be pretty.

Try not to take it too personally or rise it into a competition that will only encourage him, if you give him minimal response or ignore it hopefully he’ll get bored.

Good luck, I know how hard they are to be around and go steady.


They might deserve a little patience if they weren’t so stinkin’ useless.
Want them to leave?
Ask them to help you work on something.
Suddenly develop the need to rearrange the furniture around, change your mind often about where you want it. Have him sweep the floor, ask him to show you how to use the vacuum cleaner. Just keep him busy on menial labor. If he wont do it, let him watch you as you “show” him how it’s done (obviously he don’t want to reveal to you he don’t know how because he never had to do it)
Get his mind working, and off himself. Make him ponder just how useless he is to you, that will make his time with you uncomfortable enough to cut the visit short, or even prevent his return.
So…Ask him a lot of questions like how to make a better transfer board to transfer people (who suddenly find themselves disabled) from a wheelchair to the toilet and back.
Ask him why don’t they put solar panels on electric cars or make them out of solar panels? (sure, the panels would have to be too big to hold enough electricity to make it worth it, but don’t tell him that, just let his mind show what he really has inside-probably not much.
Ask why can’t they reuse those never-gonna-biodegrade plastic bags they want to ban at the supermarket into" plastic houses"for the hurricane/tornado/disaster areas? Or fences. Or even coffins. What else could you use them for?
Let him really have to think…if he is able to that is.
Find fault with everything he says.
Shoot down every idea he has.
Just laugh like you know he is an idiot, but don’t say it.
Make his stay a not enjoyable one for him.
Repeat as often as necessary.
I agree that people do deserve patience, but just don’t make his stay something pleasant enough for him to want to stay too long.

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there was a man from out of space, he said im of superior race he said im superior whilst YOUR INFERIOR
then tripped and fell flat on his face.