Pondering language

I was just thinking about how not being clear with direction can sometimes lead to unexpected outcomes.

My sis was once teaching a small neighbor kid how to skip stones in our little cove. She said “find something evenly flat and a bit rounded.” She didn’t say find a stone evenly flat… she said find something evenly flat… so the kid threw her smart phone in the water. :laughing:

My nephew caused a small kitchen fire last week when my sis was kid sitting.

He asked, “how do you make a grill cheese sandwich”
I said… “two pieces of bread, cheese in the middle, butter the outside and then toast it.”

Opps… Then I went to answer the door. My nephew got the bread, got the cheese buttered the outside and stuffed it all in the toaster. (how else do you toast stuff?)

Toaster caught on fire.
We have over 15 fire extinguishers in this house. I’ve been in a fire, never again.

So we put out the small fire, got a new toaster which is easier to use and I learned valuable lesson on talking to kids. :smile: (sometimes they will do exactly what you say. That never works out a well as one might think.)


What about the word “ponder”? The translation of the Bible with which I’m familar only uses that word twice. The Bible scholars must have thought it a special word.


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wow, you have 15 fire extinguishers , i think you have the safest house…i understand why though.
take care

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