Poll: Would you trust someone who would leave their partner for you? 💔

  • No, they’d do the same to me
  • Yes
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Tough question.
Unless they were in an abusive relation and too scared to leave until my arrival, or if their partner were cheating, then I wouldn’t trust a woman to stay loyal to me.

Maybe I’m biased due to past real-life experiences.

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I agree that’s a toughy and difficult to answer.

It depends on the individual.

When I started “dating” my husband,

He had a live in girlfriend.

They were breaking up and she was slowly moving out.

But I got the feeling she was dragging her feet hoping to stay.

I didn’t think the relationship would amount to more than a few nights of fun sex so I didn’t super feel bad about it.

Ends up we liked each other and dated.

Then got married.

Infidelity has never been an issue in our relationship.

I don’t know if that would be the case for most people and,

For realz,

It’s not over between my husband and I,

So totally time for cheating still.

We’ll see.

May end up on a special episode of “Snapped”.


I had an affair with a married girl and also with a chick who was dating a guy I was kinda cool with. The married chick was just getting revenge on her husband and the other chick I found out was sleeping with everyone… now I would never date a chick who’s already in a relationship. I think it would be unhealthy unless there was like serious love there

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if the situation was bad for her I would allow her to leave her partner for me if we loved eachother.

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Once a cheat, always a cheat.


Said the same thing about druggos but for me wasn’t the case, but I still have times where I dream lol

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Would you trust someone who would leave their partner for you?

There, now it works better for me.

The answer is NO, btw.

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Never would i ever :upside_down_face:

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Hopefully I wouldn’t want someone, I couldn’t trust.

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Gotta start somewhere broheim

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Which begs the question? Where do you find Virgin marrying material?

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It depends. If they were in a relationship that was not working sure. But if they were just thinking the grass was greener, no. That might be hard to find out initially though.

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Maybe in an extreme scenario, but my answer is NAH.

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