Poll: Would you hire someone with schizophrenia?

If you had your own (small?) business, that you had put everything into, would you hire someone with schizophrenia?

  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t know. Maybe if they could function and do the job well, why not. These things are better left unknown.

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What are better left unknown?

mental illness is better left unknown. Keep it to yourself and close family members. I never tell anyone.

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Knowing what I know about the illness now, I said Yes, I would hire someone with schizophrenia, if he/she was capable and qualified.


Depends if they’re good at the job. I mean if someone with schizophrenia is better than the competition, then why not? If they’re worse, then why would I hire them? Some people with schizophrenia are just good at certain things. I knew a math professor with schizophrenia. She was a genius. She worked at a prestigious school and went to the best schools. Not many people can say that.

schizophrenics have a full time job already…its called schizophrenia


Id employ a schizophrenic in the health sector for sure…that would be their natural territory.

I hire the people who help me keep my business profitable. That’s my only requirement.



All I care about is that the person is reliable. Doesn’t do recreational drugs and works hard and is teachable. = recipe for profit :slight_smile:

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Honestly it would depend on the roll.

For a really small business with a lot of owner investment it’s a very hard call, unreliability and the risk of long term time off can be critical to the survival of the business.

A bigger business can carry these loads more easily and should be able to afford to take on some.


If someone came to me and was willing to put in the work… hard working… and able to do the job… why wouldn’t I hire them?

Plus if they were all that… how would I know if they were Sz or not if they didn’t disclose it to me?

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If they were competent and qualified to do the job. Plenty of people have given me a chance over the last 32 years. Some of them I failed at and at others I excelled.

Odd hypothetical for me, because for starters, I would never be a business owner of any type.

However, my advice given that I live in the U.S. for a person with SZ would be to stay on Gov’t assistance and just rest. Stop worrying about “working”. We all retire someday, you’ve just been thrown into early retirement.

The reason I say this is because often a person with SZ will be experiencing symptoms likened to that of someone with a terminal illness - and let’s face it, it would be beyond inhumane to force a terminally ill person to work.


Yeah… Depends on the sz…

Would I hire myself? Yupppp

My boss doesn’t know I’m schizophrenic. I work as a server and after 4 months I became the managers right hand person, top dog pretty much. Just because I’m schizophrenic doesn’t mean I can’t do I good job at work. There’s no point on limiting yourself just because you’re different.