Poll: Would you get botox if you had the money to spend on it?

  • Yes
  • No

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How much does it cost and what does it do?

Thanks to the symptom of flat affect my face is completely expressionless. No need for botox.


Botox is used to reduce facial wrinkle appearance and whatnot. Not sure of the cost.

Nah, I think I look really cool with my beard and wrinkles. :joy:

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i read botox can help blepharospam. my eyes nerves are fukt

I don’t think it looks good. And plus, once you get your first round of botox, people seem to not be able to stop. Priceyy

i want to look surprised forever yep lol


My Mom gets botox for migraines


Botox is as identifiable on a person as a bad toupee.

Get botox if you want to look like a plastic alien.

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İ don t want to change my outlook with horrible surgeries or chemicals.its dangerous.i don t mind my outlook even if m ugly

Main reason I’m not a botox fan is because it’s not permanent.

My mom recently had botox injections in her bladder for her insterstitial cystitis.

Yes, I want preventative botox. Small injections to prevent wrinkles in the future.

I don’t mind a few wrinkles here and there, I’m not sure about botox.

No Botox for me… I think I’ll age gracefully :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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