POLL: 'Woman is The Sky'?

Which Artist’s Sounds, Look Like The Sky, To You?.

  • Madonna?.
  • Katy Perry?.
  • Rihanna?.
  • Miley Cyrus?.
  • Hayley Williams?.

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There is Hope Somewhere Out There, Some Within Our Reach…,

If We Search, If We Seek.

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Stevie Nicks is my woman in the sky!

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Indeed @Moonstruck!,

I Won’t Even Dare to Ask Why.

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<~(((~T00L~ ‘Schism’. (Song/Lyrics). (2001). 10/10~)))~>

(Quick Introductions)

  • Madonna~ ‘Material Girl’.

  • Katy Perry~ ‘The One That Got Away’.

  • Rihanna~ ‘Umbrella (Orange Version)’.

  • Miley Cyrus~ ‘The Climb’.

  • Hayley Williams~ ‘Creepin’’.

Waiting For The Day I Look into The Mirror And Do Not See Myself

I don’t really like any of those :confused:
Miley cyrus has the looks, but Rihanna has a nice voice, so if I HAD to choose I’d say it’s a tie between those two.

I don’t always like Rihanna’s songs, but that’s because of the style, not because of her skill.
She looks like a hyena though :stuck_out_tongue:

Strange, I Always Thought She Looked Like Her Unique Self. Which is Rihanna.

Individualistic Perception is an Elusive Creature.

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