Poll: Who here smokes cigs? This is not to condone the habit

Curious how many smoke. Again not to condone the behavior. Thanks.

  • Smoker
  • Non-smoker

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I was just thinking about doing this poll. Interested in the results.

I put non smoker because I vape.

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Im quitting now.

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I quit cigarettes in May 2011 when I came down with emphysema. I smoked for something like 35 years.

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I quit over ten years ago.

It saves one a lot of money.


Good to hear. Hugs

I vape its a huge crutch for me because I always feel like carp thanks to meds

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Does vape count as smoking?

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Vape is smoking I’d say.

Interesting that the results represent the general public between mental healthers (44% of cigarette sales) versus non mental healthers. Thanks for replies

i smoked for a while then i stopped dont miss it wasnt really that good.

I’m currently a non-smoker. before that i was a smoking non-smoker. and prior i was a smoker.

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I smoke again. Quite alot actually. I might quit tho soon, just to save some cash.

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I quit smoking 7 years ago. I do vape though

Casual smoker might go thro a pack every 3-4 months but do smoke small cigars sometimes. But again casual.

I’ve done over 10 years without a cigarette. I was a terrible nicotine addict. I’d smoke butts if I was out. Best thing I did for my health.

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I do not take medications at the moment, but some days I smoke like a chimney. I mentioned medications simply because I want to not smoke and not take medications inertia ergo; recover; achieve sobriety; live well; do right; be good.

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