Poll: Which one are you hoping for?

  1. Change Schizophrenia to better name that carries less stigma
  2. Research new anti-psychotics that can reduce negative symptoms effectively
  3. Gain insight into the illness and manage the symptoms better

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they are all good options… but people have been crying for better meds for a long time.

Insight into the mental illness can be found through discussion and some brief knowledge about neuroscience and neural plasticity…

The states you strive to maintain eventually become the default. You have to learn to grip certain things in your focus and let the others flow.

Serotonin (5-htp tryptophan) balances mood… it’s a big help for me.
Anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen) can reduce depression.

I only take these as needed. Next month I’ll be adding GABA… it’s the brains natural neuro-inhibitor… sold saying it promotes relaxation… we don’t always have to be thinking at our best.

There are others. L-Tyrosine… leads to dopamine/norepinephrine production… good for sexual enjoyment. Excitement and release… this can be further enhanced by oxytocin supplements(pricey)…

That’s the natural side of brain manipulation.

A tricksy thing is that the body produces all these chemicals… and the brain does like to be normalized to itself. It’s kind of a wonky way of doing it, but if you train your brain to think it needs a certain level of chemicals and then properly allow it the chance to get used to producing those chemicals… it’ll actually begin to adjust to new levels of production and regulation.

Smoking tobacco, drinking caffeine and alcohol… these do a lot to deplete the brain. Sucks that life can be so boring… but I’ve been totally sober before and once you’re there its not too bad. I found a great deal of focus and clarity… being disciplined was simpler to come by as there were no distractions.

And diet is crucial… but that’s all about who you are and what you enjoy. I cut it down to very basic grain/protein/cheese… though recently I started buying orange juice. I do take a complete-multivitamin and omega 3,6,9 with a calicum supplement… it’s really all the body needs.

Fructose (fruit sugar) is hard for the body to process compared to sucrose… fruit fiber also isn’t as good as veggie fiber.

It’s really all ■■■■■■■■ because everything is organic… carbon based. Sugar is a fiber. Protein can be fiberous… what you really want from fiber is cellulose… the string bulk forming crap that makes your ■■■■ solid. You get everything as its clearly labeled.

So that’s crap like celery and… but if you want the most for cheap just get some oats and probiotic yogurt and mix them up… you can add fruit if you like. Bananas are good. They have tryptophan which leads to serotonin production.

Excess sugar thickens the blood and can lead to inflammation and fatigue… or depression.

Chocolate has small amounts of caffeine if you can’t handle coffee/tea/soda but still want mild stimulation.

Fat and grease aren’t necessary… you can’t get away from fat/grease/sugar entirely… that’s unhealthy. Your body needs energy… but the cheese/meat/yogurt/orange juice… there is enough in that stuff.

I also have simple oatmeal bars… with almonds, peanuts, some chocolate, banana/honey… those are all pretty clean and healthy.

Pasta and rice are cheap and go a long way… I only spend about 120-150 a month on food. A lot of it carries over.

Make the body healthy, make the brain healthy, study the techniques of CBT… Review your past traumas and understand the effect they had on you so you can recognize it and understand it…

and from there learn to take to activities that are fulfilling and help you grow, people who are good company, and the small incremental steps that show you you’re moving forward and allows you to be excited that your life is getting and will be better.

I mean that’s my synopsis on mental illness management without meds.

Drop the delusions. Listen to the hallucinations and append what they want you to think with reality. Just counter it constantly. It can be a hybrid between pure belief and disbelief.

The simplest reality… You don’t know ■■■■… and neither does anyone else. No one is for or against you. You are still a normal person and the law is on your side. Go outside and take it in. If you really want to understand the universe then study physics. or Astronomy…

It’s just a big ball of schtuff that likes to be together. We are a mold on the planet of the earth, but our experiences can be beautiful if we want it to be… and that starts with perceiving it to be. Be mesmerized by the complexity hidden in the simplicity. Be sympathetic to the others as they, like you, didn’t choose to be here. There is pain all around, we have all suffered in some way. Whether we have labored or struggled in some other matter. Life aint bliss, but its the best we’ve got, and we only get one…

Billions of humans have lived and perished… the efforts of the past were far more brutish to endure than what we face now. If you ever feel like life is tough… find a park bench and sit and watch. Take it in. Realize that it’s a beautiful scene… it almost always is. Then realize that you don’t want to seem or be homeless… and go get back to work!

I was secretly hoping my anti psychotic meds would make my â– â– â– â– â–  longer. But I suppose if that were the case, every guy in the world would be faking a mental illness just to get on those pills.


You know there are probably surgical options… if you can go a few weeks without getting off… hah