Poll: Which movie will win "best picture" at the Oscars tomorrow?

I watched about twenty minutes of it toward the end. I think I’m tiring of mafia movies… something new occurred to me this time. Like they’re all in love with how they communicate/and are childish.

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What won? I don’t watch award shows. Maybe I will catch the movie.

@TomCat, I think the foreign film, Parasite, won best picture.

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Joker :black_joker: for sure :+1:t2:

Parasite won best screenplay and movie. Phoenix won male lead for Joker.

I heard Parasite is a really good movie. I want to watch it sometime…

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Yeah, they were talking about Parasite on a morning radio show I sometimes catch. It is supposed to be a really well made film.

I would get it from my library, but there’s already like 800 holds on it, so I can’t put a hold on it.

Bong Jun Ho captures the reality of poverty very well in that film. It’s the first Korean film (my native language!) to win best picture.

I think a lot of my friends liked it, even if they were from other countries. I think the idea of poverty and richness can be relatable to a lot of people.

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Oh sorry, Todd Phillips, people that suffer from mental illness are not jokers. At least you were nominated.

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