POLL: Which is worse for your health: a little obese but well nourished, or a normal weight but malnourished?

which is worse for your health?
  • a little obese but well nourished
  • normal weight but malnourished

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my problem is that i try to get all the essential nutrients into my diet, but i also like to live a little and have some less healthy food. this adds up to too many calories and me being a little obese. i could eat less, such that i skimp on nutrients, but then my normal weight then wouldn’t seem so healthy. or i could just eat healthy food but then i’d be missing out on living life.

this is all a very first world problem to have.

Malnutrition is really bad. Slightly obese is ok but not too much.

It’s not a big dea being a little overweight. If you eat vegetables and fruit and stuff a lot of foods have all kinds of Health benefits. I’m not sure the correct answer to your poll though? Like how obese and how malnourished. Smoking is worse than any diet though. Never smoke!

I’m normal weight and not malnourished. I’ll just count myself lucky.

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I voted obese nourished is bad, because i was malnourished and normal weight for a long time and was ok, but after going on current meds I crossed the threshold of obese and my health was starting to get bad.

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