Poll: Which color of this phone should i buy?


  • Black
  • White

I´ve been waiting for this phone for quite some time now and ever since it was annouced at mwc i fell in love with it. This will definitely be my new phone, my current one is pretty old with gingerbread and 800mhz cpu. It lags quite a bit.

So which color of this phone should i buy black or white. I like both of them almost equally. I like white because it looks sexy and you can´t see fingerprints as much and is not as reflective, but i like black also because it looks like a classic phone. I heard white is a color more suitable for women, if that´s the case i don´t want to buy a white phone even though i like it very much. What do you guys think? Take a look at those videos and wait a minute or two to see both sides of the phone.

you should check out the xiaomi mi 5…think its in the same price range

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I prefer sony. And there is no support and authorized service for xiaomi here in our country.

I’m not sure the colour matters that much since you’ll probably put it in a case? I have a black Sony Xperia z3. I’m mildly annoyed with Sony as I’m still waiting for the Lollipop rollout to reach me here in Canada. Grr. Here is the case I purchased:

It’s a hella good case made by a company called ‘LOVE MEI’ (I know, horrible name, right?) Even has a glass screen shield rather than plastic. I purchased the red case. Almost got the bright yellow one, but Mrs. Pixel said, “please don’t.”

Hope you enjoy your new Sony as much as I’ve been enjoying mine.


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I won´t buy a case because i prefer to feel the phone in my hand. But i will buy a leather pocket or how is it called :smiley:

Just wait for a lollipop a bit. The most important thing is that you´ll get a lollipop. I heard s5 won´t be getting it.
Its a shame companies dont update most phones to the latest android, just the flagships.
Im sure ill enjoy my new sony : )

A friend of mine also has the z3. He slipped on the ice and shattered his the third day he owned it. Good thing for the extra all-damage allowed warranty he purchased. Me, I do like the feel of the phone in my hand, but I’d like the phone to last over the long run, thus the case.

Please post about how you are enjoying your phone. I can’t live without mine – it’s my short-term memory. I have it programmed with things like: shower now, etc. :smile:


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Shattering z3 on a 3rd day? Sounds like a worst nightmare. To me z series is a wet dream. I like the design and the glass on the back of the phone. I don´t have the money to buy one, even m4 is expensive to my pocket (299 EUR) but hopefully one day i might/could buy one.

I never shattered my phone yet i never fell or something like that.Phone slipped out of hands a few times falling 1,5m but i never slipped or something like that so ill take a risk with a leather pocket. It protected my current phone on quite a few falls.

I might post about my new sony. Im really looking forward to it. :smiley:

all my droids are black !?!
take care :alien:

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It was horribly icy outside and he slipped and fell on the way into the school. The phone was in his back pocket and he landed on it. Broke front and back glass.

It wasn’t cheap for me, but I run my own business and it’s a legitimate expense. If I don’t spend the money on gear I wind up paying a fortune in taxes. I like spending my money on toys for me whenever possible.