Poll: What will be your next challenge after schizophrenia?

You maintain a steady state of schizophrenia. You are in control of your own mind. Mood may fluctuate from time to time. At this stage, what will be your next challenge?

  • Physical health
  • Career
  • Family relationship
  • Money
  • Social responsibility
  • Religion
  • Others (please specify)

I like this poll.

I guess it’ll be physical health. I’ve gone too long ignoring it. I’d also like to be independent so career/money is a new priority as well.

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I chose physical health. I have lost 25 pounds eating only 3 banquet frozen dinners a day plus a PBJ sandwich. works like a charm. I may finally have a chance at reaching my perfect weight some day now.?

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My aunt just left this morning, she has been staying with us for about a week. In the past I neglected social interaction with my family, lately since feeling better, I am rediscovering my family again - for better or worse
I am also focusing on my physical health more

I said physical health as that is what I need to focus on now. I need to continue losing weight and somehow quit smoking…

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I am sorry to hear that news. How old was she? May your family bond gets stronger.

I voted “Social responsibility” because that was the one that seemed to correspond best with getting my house cleaned up, lol. I don’t know if it’s my Sz or my meds or both but I just can’t get myself to clean house. It’s really getting gross! Edit: Oops, now I see “Others” up there.

No @Plumber my aunt left our house this morning, she stayed with us for a week or so - she did not pass away - not yet at least, thank goodness :smile:

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Sorry, I made a major mistake. I should have read the whole sentence. Thank you for the correction. :sunny:

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I like the wholistic approach. There’s a song - ‘To turn, to turn twill be our delight, till by turning, turning we come round right.’ These things are important but the most important thing is that you remain a whole and integral person.

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Yes, it seems to me you have insight on this matter.

This will take me few more decades to match your level of understanding.

It’s taken me a number of decades too. Still not there.


My physical health is fine. In fact rather outstanding. I look like a football player or MMA fighter and lift weights. I quit smoking and have cut way back on the nicarette. I do drink a lot of caffeine though. I want to have an upper-class or upper-middle class income and graduate degree by the age of thirty. Im a junior in school and 21 now. Getting married would be nice, but I will always have my friends. Gay marriage isnt even legal in my state yet anyways- yet. I am not opposed to marrying a woman, I have just not met a woman who is psychologically compatible with me, and I don’t expect to, as I am so logical that I show little emotion- I have been told by my psychologist that my lack of expressed emotion is a personality trait and not due to schizophrenia. I am not cold with people, I just am more logical and less emotional. Not absent of emotions. I do get emotions for people once I get to know them. Otherwise, most but not all people are just like robots to me sometimes, they come in stereotypes and are predictable- that is how I see people I just meet until I become friends with them or date them, create some sort of relationship with them. I’ve been told that it is similar to autism or aspergers but not quite.

I was always logical and scientific, even as a child I was scientific and skeptical, which made me get in trouble at the Catholic schools I was sent to. They can kiss my ass, I transferred to an international high school, and today I am on a full ride to college and will graduate with zero debt, and I am a bisexual atheist who some would say sees science as a higher power. The new thing is from religious people is that intelligent atheists “worship science” and that “science is their god”.

I’ve been already working on fixing family ties the best I can. I am in school to get a different job. So I guess work is my next challenge.


I chose others, which is nursing school. Not sure if that should have been under career or not.

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I like my old poll.

funeral expenses … 15 15 15

Hm, right now I’m working on Physical Heath. I’m learning to be more accountable for what and how much I eat. Next step is to learn to be more active, and find some kind of exorcise I don’t mind doing.

After that I would say Social Responsibility considering right now I don’t even have my best friend any more. (She still hasn’t called me since last summer), hasn’t paid me back the money I loaned her either. and still mad at how bad she lied to me when she did call Me…so right now the most social activity I get is with my parents. Once a week I go to weight watchers, and sewing class, while I talk a lot with my sewing teacher (whose close to my age) I wouldn’t say she’s a friend since we only see each other during class, and I’m basically paying to spend time with her.

I have gotten better with my money, at least I haven’t overdrawn myself yet this year (knock on wood). Still living off my SSI check, and parents still pay for a lot (like food and rent and stuff) but one step at a time I guess…stop overspending is my main goal this year.

I do want to get more in-tune with religion I’ve gotten into the habit of not going to church period. I haven’t made much progress on my bible reading either, and gotten pretty lax on praying unless I need emotional strength.

Anyway those are my goals right now.

Career I want to try and finish writing one of the three books I’m working on. This would also help with money if I could get them sold. But with so much else going on right now I’ve kind of put writing in the back of my mind.

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I’m already working on all of these.

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I think all of those have to do with our sz health so I attempt to work a bit on all of them I do better on some than others

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