Poll: What was your first psychotic symptom?

  • Hallucination
  • Delusion
  • Thought disorder
  • Catatonia

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At the university I was convinced that people could see through the door of my room. I thought they were out in the hallway talking about me.

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My first was delusions of ill health

I became convinced that the scar on my hand was put there by the government to identify me so they could arrest me and take me to a secret facility. Toll booths and passing cars could scan for it.

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Interesting, I heard from a pdoc that the hallucinations are usually the first symptom and that the delusions and the disorganized thought/speech come in a later and more advanced phase. But here most people started with delusions.

I heard music playing in my head when I was 18. But I didnt have a psychotic episode and have to go to the hospital until I was 35.

First thought disorder then hallucinations. Wasn’t till a year or so later I got delusions…

I think my first delusion was that I thought that my boyfriend was thinking about having sex with all the women on TV. I freaked out during a brothel scene in a movie and I started yelling at everybody for being perverted. :cry: That was 5 years ago.

I have a lot of delusions that revolve around sexuality, clothing, and bodies in general. It’s gotten a million times better since starting the right medication.

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its delusion for me

Mine had to be hallucination, which fed into delusions when those came around.
I think my first hallucinations had to be visual snow (which I figured is a hallucination since with medicine, it has gone away or at least reduced), and seeing shadow people, also I’d hear my name whispered from time to time despite no one having done so.


my first symptom was hallucinations I remember hearing whispering voices then they got louder and became more direct. then came the delusion I was being followed by people at my old job.

Hallucinations @ age 3. They were MUCH more vivid and intense back then. Paranoia & delusions came at 5.

I started doing out of the ordinary things a couple years before i got delusional. Sz gives me poor insight and judgement.

I voted for Ronald Reagan.


I thought I was Sigmund Freud

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.


Try telling Monica Lewinski that.


I had thought disorder then followed up w/ voices which plunged into delusions. I threw all of my food away a few weeks ago when I thought someone came and poisoned it all. :no_mouth: After 2 weeks in the hospital, I have to buy a bunch of food I can’t afford. I got put on Zyprexa so I guess the 11 lbs. that I lost will be helpful! BTW, in Alaska they serve salmon in the hospital. Too bad I thought that was poisoned, too. Delusions suck.

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I think voices when I was about 14. Not so bad at first then at 18 or maybe even younger I had delusions that evil spirits were trying to infiltrate my mind.

I don’t see paranoia as an option.
I chose Delusions.
Delusional and Paranoid as usual.

My first symptom was a delusion… I thought that I was some kind of divinely enlightened person and my old roommate was a wickedly enlightened person and I was supposed to do battle with him. I was too scared to face him and contemplated suicide because I was small and weak and he was big and strong. After about thinking about suicide for about an half hour I decided to stay alive and do what I could to avoid this person. This delusion lasted about 4 days… It then turned into something different but I’m not gonna write out all of my experiences.